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Project A, currently at the final stages of Beta, is open for players. If you wanna try a different kind of MUD, keep reading.

The game is a modern/futuristic PK MUD, where players build their own militairy base from (Currently) 48 different types of structures and 3 different technology trees (You can only have one), in a giant 900X900 map (810,000 Rooms overall!), and set out to destroy other players and their bases using a variety of weapons, vehicles and technology.

The game features:

* 48 Different Types of Buildings to build, including Warps, Jammers, Radars, Nuke and SCUD Launchers, air fields, medical centers and Bio Labs. Each building can be upgraded using scavenged parts from enemy buildings you have destroyed for better efficiency. By popular demand, players can now even build a Cookie Factory!... Yeah, you get a nice Cookie Launcher and exposive cookies with it :P

* MCP, MSP and MXP for improved gameplay (For clients which support those protocols - You could place your mouse pointer over a building on the map, and it would give you its coordinates, owner and type, for example, hear clicks when you try to fire with an empty clip, and buildings explode when you destroy them)

* A completely new combat system - Not the regular round-based fighting, but ranged combat, focusing on speeds depending on the types of weapons you use.

* Automated quests allow players to gather special building upgrades, blueprints, armor and other great stuff.

* Roam the land inside a Jeep, Tank, BBQ Tank, Raptor, B52 or Chinook which you build and customize! Each vehicle has its own statistics, speeds, weapons...

* Use Grenades, C4, guns (From Pistols to Magnums), Lasers, Bazookas, Acid sprayers... *takes a deep breath*... SCUDs, Nukes, Siege cannons, teleporter suits, grenades, flash grenades, sniper rifles and anything else you can come up with (they'll probably be added) in order to take out your opponents. Each weapon has its own range and can be customized to your own needs.

* Actual armor - Not the regular MUD Armor that one piece can protect you from all the types of damage you take. Here, a bulletproof vest will protect you from bullets who hit you in the body, but won't help you against a person wearing a bomb with a deadman switch (That explodes as soon as he dies).

* Weekly (At least) missions, where the players get a chance to compete for prizes by blowing up a specially generated base.

* An Arena Pit where players can battle it out freely without having to spend time searching for eachother.

* A High-Scores table - When you die, you enter the high scores, and can show off to your friends later :P

* No levels give even the newest player a chance at killing the strongest. No super-powered players.

* 8 Classes, each with a unique advantage.

* Once you log out, you are safe. Unlike similar games where you can log off, and log on the next day only to see your entire empire burned, you are safe from harm once you log off - Your objects save through reboots and everything...

If you like games that require you to stay on your toes, this is the MUD for you. If you like games where you have to plan your strategy instead of mindlessly go out and PK, this is the MUD for you.

If you'd like to RP your way into fear and respect... I'm surprised you're still reading this post :P

So log in to 3003, and create a character. The thrill is just around the corner.
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