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Vhati is on a distinguished road
Greetings MUDders!
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vhati, and I'm an Immortal on a MUD named Necromium.
I would like to share with you all some points about this MUD, and a little history.
I have been playing Necromium myself for 6 or so years. It was opened officially in September 1996.

Necromium currently has 5 continents for you to explore and each are significant in size.
Necromium is a completely original world with over 4400 mobiles, 5600 objects, and 30500 rooms including over 140 zones, all of which are completely hand built.
Sail the seas with our nautical code which allows for ocean navigation and naval combat, and watch out for those Pirates!

Join us and experience our custom multiclassing system with 16 classes and 165 levels, including hundreds of different class-specific spells, skills and abilities.
Character development is unlimited. You can grow eternally stronger, even your spells and such can be trained indefinitely!
We support three types of Player Killing - Neutral Player Killing, Special Player Killing and Chaotic Player Killing. Not only is PK supported in multiple zones, but we also have a script where you can not only initiate One on One duels in an arena of your choice under fully customisable conditions, but also fight Free for All, or even fight Pirates in an original Naval Combat arena!
Necromium has a multi-tiered House/Clan system with warring between Houses allowed.

An extensive in-game Help File database is available to all, and we have a great website including information areas and links including the World Map, Policies and Rules, Information for new players, Class and Clan guides, Clan web pages, a Picture Gallery for players who wish to post their photo, and last but not least, our Forum Board.
You can check out our website and forum board at and respectively.
Necromium Staff consists of many Gods. We have World Object Managers, Player Assistants, Quest Assistants, Real Estate Gods, and others who have been granted Immortals because of their contributions to the game.

Speaking of Questing... Many quests are available to be played - They aren't technically "Quests" as such, more branded with that title.

Quests such as;
- Players kill each other in an arena with points being awarded
for successful kills and points deducted for deaths.

- Players inflict damage upon each other for points.

- Players race each other to the Racemaster who transports himself
to various locations throughout the world.

Twin Peaks
- This is a team quest where the object is to conquer the other teams
land and kill their Lord using NPC armies.

- Players must attack the designated target. Points are awarded for
damage inflicted upon the target while the target is awarded points
for sustaining damage.

- Players kill mobs for increased experience values.

Tournament of the Ancients
- Players engage in a series of one on one duels, points are awarded
based on each duel's outcome and are then tallied to produce a winner.

Winds of Fate
- This is a team quest where each team strives to gain their point
requirement before the other.

Basically, as you can see, Necromium is a large MUD, and believe it or not we are still expanding!
We have coders and builders working to make Necromium progressively more enjoyable for all to play and they are always open to suggestions.
Necromium is a Medieval style MUD where Multi-Playing is prohibited. At peak times there are upwards of 70 people online, and we have new players joining by the hour!

There is SO much more to say about this great MUD, but I could be here typing for hours more... The best way is to find out for yourself!

Connect to us through your Telnet or other MUDding client at: 4000

Come along and check us out!
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