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Are you a player who loves to role play, but feels cheated out of worth and power because of time spent diligently role playing rather than exping?  Are you a player who loves to act a part, but just can’t find a Mud willing to invest in to you the time and energy it’s looking for you to invest into it?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, they “Between Shadows & Light” (shadow light.wolf might be a game you’d like to try out.

ShadowLight’s role play team is currently seeking people with a true enjoyment for and love of role play to help add guidance and flavor to the world. Ever wanted to mix drinks at the local pub, perform magic at the local tavern, be a city mayor, a king, a queen? Ever wanted to sit on a town council and make decisions that actually effect people, ever wanted to help create and rule an empire, ever wanted to be a solider, an artist, a merchant? ShadowLight’s world wishes to flourish in richness and diversity. Character jobs, full fledged with salary, and perhaps room & board if you’re good enough are available and open!

Do you enjoy exploring, searching, knowledge? Have you ever dreamt of opening the secrets of an ancient library, discovering a secret garden, or finding a mysterious and powerful gift from the heavens? ShadowLight runs at least one role play quest a week and offers endless areas full of hidden treasures quests, as well as an automated quest master.

ShadowLight is a role play enforced Mud with clan-based player killing. We believe it is possible to successfully intertwine a world of role play and a world of player kill. There are one hundred mortal levels available and attainable through either “hunting” or role play. Clanning can not be achieved until level 100, where it is optional, and the newly clanned character ascends to immortality.

ShadowLight offers two unique questing reward and role play reward systems.
Earn “quest points” and spend them on crafting your very own equipment! You control everything from the short and long description to the armor class and spells applied to your equipment and weapons.
Earn “role play points” and spend them on a multitude of worthwhile things! Build yourself a home, or private garden, hire someone to take care of your marriage… or divorce, gain a level, trains, practices, and tons more!

ShadowLight offers four clans, each with a unique and rich history that nestle perfectly into the Medieval Fantasy story line that it’s creators have produced. Join a clan and achieve status, receive unique clan skills, work towards mastery and gain free exp: adding to your hp/mv/ma/skills/spells.

ShadowLight is a fairly new world, looking to expand it’s horizons and add to the richness of it’s world. The storyline (which I will post below) is easy-to-follow and ever-evolving: your character CAN and DOES have an impact on what happens in-game.
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... In the beginning there were Four.

As far as anyone could remember, there were always the Four. Glorious, worshipped, adored. They were all followers of the light once. But that is no more.

The story of Gehenna is one of pride, of idleness and of loss. From the dawn of time, from the moment of creation the Land was bathed in richness and destined to thrive. They watched over it as a Mother over a babe. Four Mystical beings of such unmatched power and greatness the likes of which had never been seen. These beings, these Mystics, revered and loved by all.

For many years they enjoyed their prosperity with little thought to consequence. The mortals thrived, they built magnificent towns and basked in the glory of their accomplishments. Thanks was given to they Mystics for their many blessings and happiness and contentment prevailed.

When it changed, is not known. How their sins were blinding them to potential loss unknown to them. They basked in the glory of their creation and were oblivious to the desires of their foe. For word was spreading, it seemed, of a Land so diverse, so glorious that it ensured the fulfillment of all who claimed it. And claim it they did.

From the vast reaches of the universe and beyond, those with selfish ambition let their greed overwhelm. Once again, it began with four... four deities with purpose and desire, and lust.

* * *

Vampyre Clan

As Gehanna flourished a land filled with wealth and ambition, the undead world twisted with hatred and envy. The weak world of blood feeding vampires was virtually non existent, having been for as long as all could remember, trapped, by an unknown force placed upon them by an unknown being in what became known as ’the land of loss,’ a bare world of washed out color and little life to feed on.

From the edge of their land was a view of another, colorful world, a place of plenty and not want: Gehanna. It was as though an invincible force held them back from this land, however, held them from such lush mortals to feed on…. Try and try they might, an but no avail, the vampyres were hopelessly trapped against their will. As aware as they were to the land beyond, Gehanna in return seemed oblivious to the existence of the vampyre realm.

One vampyre, Kaine, a tall strong male with a mind for manipulation, became their leader. With a true hatred for the land of Gehanna, he exhausted all his time and energy gathering supporters, strength, and support for his plan: to break free from ‘the land of loss’ and make Gehanna his own: a place to feed on and grow from, forever.

Then, came the first shattering of time. When the Demon, Satan, committed his ultimate sin and betrayal, the world shook in its wake. Dreams dies and hope awakened as the walls caging the vampires fell, and the race ran free throughout Gehanna. Many died; individuals staked and killed by mortals, or from ill-thwarted plans taking not into consideration the sun. Yes, many died. Many did survive, however, and those, the followers of Kaine. Together, they formed the dark and elusive Vampyre Clan; feeders of blood and flesh and haters of the light, they seek to fill Gehanna with shadow and evil, to corrupt its bright, flourishing ways -- to make it pay with light and life for everything it stands for, and entails.

* * *
Werewolf Clan

When chaos ran rampant throughout the land as though a river whose flood gates have come un-damned, it was as though the skies themselves wept for the loss. However as would be expected, what was needed from above was a mass of sandbags with which to end the flood; additional waters were self-defeating. And so, Gaia, the Mother of All Creation, gave birth to a kinfolk whose purpose was to walk in the light, to restore lushness and faith to the land. These kinfolk were an immortal race known as the Werewolf, a line of creature equipped with a keen sense of smell, intuition and innate knowledge of the land.

The cunning werewolf were a good fit with the land; from the land and for the land they fight the never-ending battle against the forces of dark, their rival clans, the Demons and the Vampyres, and the righteous degradation that runs rampant throughout. The fight together, united as one, wolfbrother and wolfkin; until the end of time itself they vow to fight with the forces of light, until the land is restored once more. Joined in battle, their howling cry is often heard: the bay rumored to be more than a battle chant, a prophesy of sorts, which such rumor roughly translates as follows:

Once to be marked and never again
Shadows of dark ones marr now our den
Twice to be heard, our howl and cry
The moon, the sun, our light from the sky
Thrice, hear us now, friends of the dark
We know you and you, we mark
Four ages speak and push us to morrow
You we shall force, to your infinite sorrow.

* * *

Angel Clan

The God of Gods was a jack of all trades, master of none.
And when his fellow mystic, Satan, caused the first shattering of time, The God knew it was his ultimate duty to create a fellowship of light-faring, peace-keeping people. That being so, he gave immortal life and power to Gabriel whose job it became to form the multi-faceted Angel clan.

    At first, it was not hard to find mortals willing to join with the ranks of anyone promising immortal power. Indeed, when each mystic gave life to his own clan, his own vision, the mortals were lining up, waiting to be one of the "chosen" ones: whatever that price might be. Gabriel learned quickly that the mortals greed and self-interest soon took precedence over whether the path they chose was that of good or evil.

        As time passes, the Angel clan slowly builds up its following and power. With stiff regimentations for its prospective followers, the Angel clan puts a method of quality before quantity when it comes to fighting the forces of evil and dark. As though a ray of sunshine the angels themselves are empowered with an inner glow that often permeates into the tangible world, and they, with their tight-knit, well-run hierarchy are determined to rid the land of Gehanna from shadowspawn, however long the battle might take. The peace-loving angels are rumored to have one of the greatest agreatest and most extensive libraries in the world, with literature dating back to before the shattering of time. Though many discount the existence of such a library and many claim that nothing of value was pulled from the ruins of the first shattering before they were swallowed up by the earth, many a mortal and immortal alike dedicate an enormous amount of time and energy in the search for this great wealth of information, which is, in common tongue,
called, falikinar.

* * *

Demon Clan

After the first shattering of the world, Satan was too weak to
complete his plan and left it undone. So as not to allow the world to fully recover while he retreated into hiding to restore his powers, Satan named Lucifer to continue to spread shadow across Gehanna. Lucifers duty was to lead the demon clan, a group, whose full wrath is feared by mortals and immortals alike. It is rumored that once Satan and has regenerated he will join together with the followers of Lucifer to complete his plan, and then use their powers combined to break the world completely.

    The demon clan are a dark and mischievous people, with intriguing interests: mainly, the sport of killing. It is rumored that they have one, fatal weakness which will not only destroy them, but their forefather, Satan as well. The nature of this weakness is completely undiscovered and unknown.
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