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There are excellent player reviews under this link. Even after you skimming a few of them by spending five minutes, you would understand the quality of the players and the MUD. Most of them are about great atmosphere created by IMMs and players by excellent roleplay.

On the other hand, I am writing this not to speak about ARM's RPI part. Armageddon has HIGH expectation for RP, none of any RPI I know demands... Even any of them has expectations close to ARM's, but that's not the only thing what makes the gameplay very enjoyable.

- ARM is a huge world with more than 25K rooms. That's rare to see lots of repeated room descs, even in plain deserts and huge cities.

- There are about 20K objects in game and more than 2K of them could be crafted by PCs. And those items are useful things. not only weapon, armor, etc.. but can be a spice-pipe or a toy.

(I remember a post about furniture system on a HUGE MUD.. There are lots of furnuite on ARM and many of them are craftable as well... And you do not have to pay real $ for them)

- There are incrediable room descriptions quite like taken from succesful novels (have a look at player reviews, even player writings shows the quality of the work)

-  Excellent region arrangenments of NPCs. I have experienced beatiful works on creation of habitats for the beasts... even for the small ones. (Our rangers are real ones)

-  Detailed and original items. For example there are keyrings, concealable equipments, shackles,  card decks, a lot of poisons, illnesses, parfumes ... lots of lots to those kinds of thingies.. in ARM. I love them, small but excellent details and mostly useful (There are items no player would not use even for years, that's something only you can only see in ARM).

- Mysteries... I doubt any other mud world may offer this many secrets. I am not talking its very rich RPI side of mysteries.. but codewise.. Many secret doors, secret passages, hidden enterances, dark tunnels, interesting caves..

- Unique Magic system... Interesting and Unique magic-k- system. For details you must check website. But briefly, magickers tell the power words to cast the spells.. and they have to work on finding them.

- NO global channel or pop-up advs.. that may disturb your game play.

- Lots of interesting clans with amazing rich histories, traditions, working schemes and methods.

-When you have an enemy and manage to kill, assasinate, or make her executed .. You do not have to worry that PC to pop-up and work on revenge.. There is PERMADEATH!

The list easily can continue but I feel like I should stop. IMHO, the most important than above all is.. Players may add a lot to gameword. Those items, clans, etc.. are not only created by IMMs, but a lot of players. In many MUDs, you only spend some time for fun, but fun slowly diminishes when you notice  you can not create or change anything in the gameworld after spending hours, days in front of computer. But Armageddon MUD is different.

PS. English is not my native language.. So.. sorry for mistakes. My language is VERY poor compare to a standart ARM player.. so please do not take me as example.
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