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I would like to give some info on realms of discordia, and invite you
to come and play here. It is a fantasy rp-enforced MU* which I have
been playing on and off for over a year now.

There are several classes and races to choose from and some are
unique from the plain old thief or sorcerer. I will list a few of
them here. Races: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Haitorin, Nymph, Spiritfolk,
Ssilvaeran, Shapeshifter, Vermin, and Ficques Classes: Sorcerers,
Mystics, Thief, Warrior, Berserker, Templar, Ranger and Psion.

There are also special races and classes available to those that
prove they are capable of roleplaying such classes or races.

Mortals can level to hero (level 100). However, it is still possible
to continue leveling to gain additional hp/mana/trains/practices, etc.
There are many unique areas within the game, and it uses the Ember
codebase. New areas and coding are constantly in the works. The
Imms are dedicated and friendly, along with most of the players you
will meet if you decide to check this game out.

Immortal run quests are pretty common here and there are lots of
opportunities to rp. The game also offers religions and so far two
kingdoms in which one might become a King, Baron, Guard, Ambassador,
or some other ranking member of the monarchy.

I strongly urge anyone interested in participating in rp and meeting
some new friends to stop by and give this place a chance. For more
information upon the game you may go to the website at:

You can connect to the game through your client at : port 9000

I look forward to meeting you there. If you have any questions and in
the strange event no one is there to help answer them, feel free to
send a tell to Zyndier and I will do my best to help you.

Player of Zyndier
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