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A Medievia Mudslinger article written by Reporter Noelio

The seas are no longer safe. From the greatest port to the smallest cove, terror has gripped the populace. For on the Twenty-First of October, the Righteous descended in fury upon the oceans of Medievia.

At noon on the twenty-first, Captain Kaziel of Insurrection departed Sea's End commanding the Man O'War "Shadows of Pestilence". Entering the serpent-infested waters of southern Medievia, the Captain began to hunt for his prey. But it was not sea serpents that Kaziel was after. He was longing for a sweeter meat. The target appeared over the horizon: The Man O'War, The Wet Seacat!

Using every means at his disposal, Kaziel pushed the Shadows of Pestilence to its maximum speed. Despite the Seacat's attempts to flee, Kaziel moved in for the kill. Before long the Seacat was within range of the great guns of Insurrection's warship. With a single command, Kaziel sent a devastating barrage into the enemy vessel. The battle was on.

The crew of the Seacat soon realized that they were no match for the superior skill and coordination of the Righteous crew members. Disengaging, the Seacat attempted to flee. Little did they realize that the infamous mercenary Captain Noelio was piloting the Shadows of Pestilence. With many well-timed commands to the crew, Noelio seized the wind gauge and intercepted the Seacat in the midst of her withdrawal.

Firing broadside after broadside into the Seacat's rigging, Kaziel prepared for the final stage of the fight. Moving his ship alongside the Seacat, the crew of the Pestilence quickly grappled the stricken enemy. With a great shout, Noelio boarded the enemy ship alone. In mere seconds he had advanced upon the helm to find Captian Velda trying to pilot her broken vessel. Before she could realize her danger, Noelio dispatched the Captain with a massive Malediction spell. With the loss of their leader, the crew of the Seacat descended into panic. Kaziel then boarded the enemy ship and struck her colors from the mast. Wave upon wave of Righteous soldiers then boarded the enemy ship, eliminating any and all opposition. As the last enemy fell, Noelio raised the Righteous flag and declared himself Captain.

The Wet Seacat was his.

Immediately after the capture, a ruby sea serpent surfaced and attacked the Pestilence. Using the combined broadsides from both ships, Captains Kaziel and Noelio soon destroyed this menace. As the Fae magic from this great beast floated towards their ships, the sky darkened and lightning appeared about them. The Khrait had arrived! With the Seacat still badly damaged from her recent capture, the Righteous knew that the fight ahead of them will be a difficult one. Yet as the Khrait's Sitharon-class scoutships began their attack, two more Man O'War's appeared and commenced firing their 16-gun broadsides into the now-outmatched Khrait. Incredibly, Captain Noelio of the captured Seacat managed to grapple the sitharon Shademp Seo Po from his wounded ship. Leaping aboard the sitharon alone, Noelio soon tricked the Khrait crew and captured yet another ship for his clan. Declaring himself captain, Noelio relieved the Khrait of over twenty million gold coins from their ship's chest before returning to his flagship.

After several more minutes of fighting, the remaining Khrait ship was close to submitting to the grasping sea. However, Noelio, displaying yet again his great skill and daring, leaped aboard the Shademp Seo Po and used the captured sitharon as a makeshift pontoon bridge with which to grapple the last Khrait ship, the Qu Gorath Vu. Leaping aboard the new ship, Noelio rushed to the crow's nest and began to hoist his colors. Yet before he could complete his capture, the two other Man O'Wars, Defender Of The Enclave and Moxon's Messenger finished the last Khrait ship off. To add insult to injury, the Messenger then sunk Righteous' captured sitharon-class ship, the Shademp Seo Po.

Cheated of their hard-earned reward, the Righteous took it upon themselves to teach the meddlers a lesson. Before Moxon's Messanger could retreat to safety, the Shadows of Pestilence began firing into her rigging. Taking up the challenge, Moxon's Messanger answered with her own broadsides. Captain Kaziel's Pestilence was still damaged from the fights with both the Seacat and the Khrait, and was horribly undermanned with a large contingent of her crew aboard the Seacat. Yet despite the obvious disadvantage, the Righteous refused to withdraw, fighting with every ounce of power they could muster. After a long fought battle, the superior seamanship of the Pestilence's crew began to tell. Captain Tenen of Defender of the Enclave, realizing the hopelessness of his situation, turned tail and fled; leaving his allies on the Messenger to their fate.

Abandoned, the Messenger tried to run, but with her rigging in tatters, could not escape her wat'ry grave. Before long she was dead in the water, and Captain Noelio, now aboard the Pestilence, continued to fire murderous volleys into her hull. Finally, after half-an-hour of grueling combat, the Messenger succumbed to the merciless seas of Medievia.

Thus it was that the Righteous ClanTown took command of the seas. To all challengers I say this: fear the wrath of the Righteous!


The seas of Medievia... Do you DARE Enter? port 4000
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