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What I say with the above title is, I'm just really wondering what everyone (including myself, until recently) out of all these hundreds of thousands of intelligent and imaginative people that play these rediculously addictive novels, are wasting our lives reading 'People' magazine, media concerned, slave to the drama type environments where you only end up in disapointed reruns. What of our dreams of inspiration, of creativity and experiencing what life has to offer (albeit most of us wish to immerse ourselves in a totally different 'life setting&#39 to us. I'm saying if you are going to play a role in these 'games', why not on one that allows you to progress forever...One that offers countless upon countless experiences in a totally reactive and proactive environment and makes you deal with the aftermath.

Based off of the SMAUG codebase, is what is truly a remarkable alteration to this very flexible codebase...

***The Lands of Light and Darkness***

Talk about so much to do, I have spent many hours in half as many logins, most of which I spent around 6 to 7 hours playing and saw a total of 2 to 3 levels, but had such a blast doing it all I could think was 'Where has the time gone'. Once other have I experienced true fun and realism in a game and that was a commercial (corporate) game. Now I may be a young 29 year old, 10 year fan to this gaming environment, but in those 10 years, true quality was seldom found until my most recent diamond find. There is so much to do besides killing the local fuana and anyone can start whenever they want, only some are more skilled and have invested more time than you and others remain ignorant about them...Yes even ignorance is freely available here

A truly manipulative world where you can sew, become a locksmith, Heal the sick and wounded with spells that transfer their wounds and sickness and even blood loss to and from your own body. Actual physical wounds that remain on your body, but can be taken and transfered onto another player...

Each Class is balanced and weighed all the time to make sure they are balanced and unique, but each with a substantial role in the balance of the local economy and supply and demand of the citizens of their chosen city. Stay in Seahaven or Migrate to one of the other cities, only restriction is you gotta survive the trip.

Sail the seas on your very own frigate style vessel, that actually simulates a realist view and 'feel' to it. The chance for roleplay on this mud always abounds, as everyone seems to flourish in this most descriptive and dynamic setting.

I'm telling you hands down this is the best environment you could ask for and if there is anything you can come up with that you want to see happen or become a reality, the authors are more than appreciative and respectful and all ideas and suggestions are always considered and you even will get a reply and answer about it, not just praying someone out there knows how to use the command to see what
the players want.

So if your looking for diversity and an environment built upon growth and experimentation...Come check this diamond in the rough and the funny thing is...this mud is only in the pre-beta phase and I'm dead hooked. I just want more company and to invite you all to what I feel, most of us are addicted for.

The Lands of Light and Darkness port 3000

Also check out the website, which is very informative.
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