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OtherSpace: New Journeys
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After nearly three years, OtherSpace is returning to a policy of requiring biographies for characters before they can enter the RP grid.

We've found that although more people may come through the door to check out the game when we don't require bios, they do so without any real form of commitment to get involved.

So, as of today, our old easy-to-enter character system has shut down and the new character application process is online. Character biographies must be at least 250 words long, covering a character's childhood, major formative influences, career and goals.

Newcomers to OtherSpace: New Journeys are welcome to play one of the following five humanoid races:

- Ungstiri: Rough-and-tumble people of largely Eastern European descent with pale skin, dark hair, and a wide stubborn streak that shines through in the fact that they've tenaciously clung to their world over the centuries - even after it's been shattered to pieces by invaders.

- Sivadian: The people of Sivad are of British descent and owe much of their cultural influences to the ancient United Kingdom.

- Qua: Descended from Native Americans who fled war-torn Sol System in the 22nd Century on a colony ship, the Qua are a spiritual people who feel close ties to the land. Although they tend to have dark hair and ruddy skin, the Qua of OtherSpace are not to be mistaken for the stereotypical Indians often portrayed as savages, drunks or illiterates in old American western entertainment.

- Lunite: Effectively human, but descended from liberated 22nd Century Specialists - mass-produced clones that were used to fight wars and perform menial tasks for their "pure" human masters. These rebel-spirited people live on Luna, the moon that orbits decimated Earth.

- Human: The catch-call category for humans that could be xenophobes from Mars or Earth (survivors who escaped the plasma bomb blasts on humanity's homeworld), the rather sheltered denizens of Waldheim, or the more enlightened humans that traveled aboard Sanctuary during its dangerous voyage through Hiverspace that started in 2651 and, through a fluke in the way time worked in that dimension, ended up in the year 3000.

So you want to play something different? We've got different. We offer newcomers 10 alien races to choose from as they begin their adventure in OtherSpace: New Journeys. NOTE: Do not ask to invent your own alien race. We've got plenty of alien races. We're not looking for more. Thanks!

Here are the available alien races:

- Zangali: Tall, lumbering reptiloids from the planet Grimlahd with a warrior spirit and a fondness for carrots, asparagus (a narcotic for them), and rancid sink trap water.

- Ydahri: Amphibious newt-like creatures from the planet Ydahr capable of walking on two legs or four, with a decidedly old-fashioned sense of community, fairness and honesty.

- Vollistan Light Singer: Willowy, tall bipeds from Vollista with silver hair and olive-hued skin that glows with a bioluminescent aura that expresses their mood.

- Timonae: Cousins of the Light Singers, the denizens of Antimone live their life with a philosophy that most everything is dictated by chance and that nothing is ever set in stone.

- Theorian: Felinoid quadrapeds that live in packs and dwell primarily in the mountains of Demaria. One of our most unusual races, it takes a team of three or four players to apply for and properly portray these mind-joined aliens.

- Odarite: Maybe you hate bugs, but we don't! Odarite characters portrayed by players are male insectoids born to one of the hive city queens on Odari. They can make astounding jumps, fly a limited distance, and barter a deal with an offworlder at the same time.

- G'ahnli: Don't mind living life in a fishbowl? G'ahnli are piscinoid aliens with a knack for business and telepathic brains to back them up. In their native oceans on G'ahnlo, they're swift and sure. Among airbreathers, they travel in clunky water-filled hovertanks.

- Demarian: Strong, noble bipedal felinoids from the planet Demaria, which has seen more than its share of hardships over the centuries. After many setbacks, the Demarians are struggling to rebuild their great society in New Alhira.

- Centauran: Ever had a little sibling that followed you around, asking why things worked a certain way, and even if you didn't know for sure, they'd keep asking until you gave just about any answer to make them leave you alone? Well, take that sibling, stuff them inside a crystalline bell with chiming tentacles, and you've got the nitrogen-breathing Centaurans.

- Castori: Fur-covered, squat bear-like inhabitants of the planet Castor, with a knack for gadgetry and a need to hibernate a few months every year.

For more about the races of OtherSpace: New Journeys, visit the OSWiki at and click on Races.
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