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Your ship, sailing the vast central ocean, encountered storms the likes of which your Captain said didn't exist. Floating amidst the wreckage, clinging to a piece of driftwood and hoping just to survive the next few days, you think maybe the Captain wasn't as good as he said he was.

Days of rain and thunder fill your memory. Were it not for the rains, however, thirst would have claimed you days ago. As it is, hunger is pressing upon your stomach like a vise, and you don't know how much longer you can manage to keep holding onto this piece of driftwood that has become your best friend.

Then, today, the rain stopped. The sky began to lighten, and at the crest of a wave, you spotted what looked like an island in the distance. The waves seem to be driving you that directly, and there was green on that island, along with a huge smoking mountain. But green must mean food.

The island has drifted within reach. Staggering from hunger, the waves have washed you up on a soft golden-sand beach. A crude bamboo-and-driftwood hut shifts in the stiff island breezes nearby, and a well-worn path in the sand leads east into the dunes. Voices drift on the wind, voices that speak the trading language clear-enough to be understood, if not well.

Who else is on this remote Island? Have they found a way off? Is it safe?

The answers are within Aurealan Realms: The Third Age.

Aurealan Realms: The Third Age is a fully RP-enforced MUD, nine years in the making. The shift to full-RP has come slowly, gradually, and thoughtfully to the Realms, and the dream of a vivid, original world for RP has come true.

AR:TTA features 13 classes, 16 races, 10 distinct languages, a multitude of spells, skills, abilities and weapon proficiencies, an established system of godless faiths and an experienced staff whose sole goal is to make AR:TTA the best Rp environment on the 'Net.

<span style='color:green'>Aurealan Realms: The Third Age</span>
<a href="telnet://" target="_blank"> 4000</a>
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