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Calim's Revenge is a Mud derived from the code base Dystopia, written by Brian Graversen (A GodWars-based Mud).

Players embark in a world of fantasy, where they battle it out against monsters such as Hobgoblins, Orcs and even The Dwarven gods. Starting out your journey you will have the choice of choosing one of four classes, each having their own special abilities and unique evolves for the class.

Throughout your journey you will find some very rare equipment, some giving great affects such as protection from evil or even giving you the ability to fly.


Here is a brief overview of some of our game features:
1.) Four selectable races at start up:
The Warlock is a spell caster and usually weak on close combat. Through magical affects and rites the warlock is able to muster many arcane defences, allowing them some amount of protection when engaged in combat. A wide range of spells and skills allows the warlock to adept to any situation.

The Shadowlord is an assassin and a rogue. It skulks in the shadows, attacks when least expected and vanishes before the victim can retaliate. The shade relies on high skills with all weapon styles and a wide range of combat techniques and special attacks. The Shadowlord may require some fast typing and timing to play correct.

The giant is the strongest of the races, using pure brawn and brute force to kill their enemies. Being low on brainpower gives the giant access to few commands, but those that it has are usually geared towards dealing massive damage. Playing a giant requires much stamina and hard work, though it is a reasonable easy class to learn to play.

The Fae is a force of pure energy, which is able to manipulate the physical world through concentration and timing. Unable to wield most equipment, the Fae relies on blasting weapons and energy attacks, and the ability to channel and store several deadly charges of energy in its own body. Before picking this class you should be aware that it, unlike the other classes, takes a few hours of play before this class can train avatar.

2.) A series of unique evolves for each class
Evolving is part of your characters development. Each class has several stages, each stage opening up to new powers and abilities.

Each time you evolve, you have several options to chose between, but you can only pick one such choice. After you have made your choice, new powers will be available, and the other choices are gone forever.

3.) An exciting quest system
Within the town of Ri'On there are five quest masters, each one giving a different type of quest. Whether you choose to go and search for an object, hunt down a mobile or take your chances and take on a player killing quest, they all have one thing in common, a reward once the quest is completed.

4.) An exceptional Kingdom system
Now anyone can create a Kingdom, it only requires some knowledge of the Mud, some strength of character and a couple of friends. Complete a Kingdom quest and you are on your way to creating your own Kingdom.

So why not visit us on Calim's Revenge at port 7200.

Kind Regards,
The Staff
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