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Age of the Throne is a text-based MUD set in historic 17th century France in the time of King Louis and his Musketeers. PK is regulated by a player run legal system, if you get caught, you may be sentenced to the Bastille or worse, the Guilliotine. Yet for the truly bloodthirsty, there are regiments to join and player vs player duels. The employment system is also player run and players have the ability to hold their choices of positions within the various institutions of France ranging from lowly Jailor to Minister of State, answerable to noone but the King. And for you ladies out there, aspiring to be one of the Ladies in Waiting or even Queen's Confidant is not unheard of. Questing abounds, indeed it's needed to train the many skills available to all players.

Custom java game client available.
Over 3,000 rooms to explore.
A unique combat system that utilizes balance and feinting.
Unlimited deaths.
Daily scheduled team and individual quests in addition to standard questing.
Hidden puzzles for the adventurous.
Passive areas of growth for non-combatant players.
Player run church system including player marriages.
One on one guiding for new citizens by experienced players.
One on one mentoring for newly titled citizens by experienced players.
A full legal system run by the players as magistrates and judges.
Player owned shops and housing.
Player item-creation for goods for sale.
Area and project creation available to experienced players.

There are also daily scheduled quests, some team and some individual, that offer excellent prizes to the winners. The skills available to players are impressive with a list ranging from swordplay and hunting to gardening and creation. Players are allowed to create custom items, and may even make it their job. There are tailors, carpenters, blacksmiths and jewellers who are all able to add to the richness of the realm and sell their unique wares in both city owned shops and player owned shops. Players are able to buy, own, share and sell numerous types of houses and shops. Houses range from two room hovels to elaborate sixty plus room chateaus. Gardens are available for growing your own food or flowers. Keep in mind that even with all the duels, mobs and quests, roleplay is encouraged.

Age of the Throne is always looking for new players and is unlike many muds out there due to it's unique theme, custom code and player-run newbie system. If you're looking for a challenging and different alternative to the same old fantasy based MUDs, filled with vampires, elfs, ogres and wizards - this is the place for you!

You can find AOTT at:

IP - Port - 23
Homepage -
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