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Are you a hardcore roleplayer?  If so, Accursed Lands ( - port 8000) wants to become your new favorite MUD.

AL is a free, volunteer-run LPMUD with an all-original theme and a ton of innovative code that puts realism and RP at the forefront.  We like to consider AL a virtual world.

Some of ALs noteworthy features include:

* Extensive underworld system - ALs custom underworld is potentially infinite in size, created by characters via mining and tunneling, and persists across reboots.  Get a pick and build yourself some tunnels to hide out in, or find some ore and craft it into something useful.

* Realistic command parser - The parser attempts to do what you type.  Don't worry about searching helpfiles for some bizarre sytax, just type in plain english.  Commands such as, "get the brown hat from the third backpack" or "fire my crossbow at the closest green-eyed man" will work just fine.  Of course, you can always type, "get hat 3" instead of "get the third hat" if you'd like, it's up to you.

* RPI mindset - AL is roleplay-enforced, and the players and staff observe an ultra-strict IC/OOC separation.  If it can be discussed in the IC world, it it a violation of our rules to talk about it via some OOC medium.

* AL is a "typo-free zone" - All areas and items are fully-described, with no typos or questionable grammar.  If a typo slips by our extensive QC system, players are expected and encouraged to report it using our convenient issue system so it can be taken care of as soon as possible.  The immersive realism that AL strives to provide is only possible with fully-described areas and items, and we take pride in the time and effort we put into our descriptions.

* Rooms have three dimensions - Flying races can make use of all three dimensions in a room (and reach rooms that others can not), while terrestrial races are limited to two.  If you want to hug someone, you need to approach them first.  This also enables realistc ranged combat.

* Player-built housing - Buy a tent, or craft yourself a hut or cabin.  You can make yourself a home to entertain your friends or store your goods.
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snoozer is on a distinguished road
Accursed Lands has now released a seventh race - the moloks.  Moloks are native to ALs extensive underworld, their dark sight allows them to see in unlit rooms, and their 'echolocation' skill lets them map out the configuration of nearby caves and tunnels.

Accursed Lands features a unique underworld.  It is a 3-D network of natural caverns and player-dug tunnels that's virtually limitless in size and persists across reboots.  While animal life is scarce in the underworld, intrepid hunters have been known to venture into the depths in search of prey.  Others bring a pick or mining hammer along with them as they search for gems to sell or raw ore to turn into metal for crafting.  Still others - bold, careless, or just unlucky - have entered the depths, never to return.

Moloks are native to this underworld.  Originally, they were magically created to serve as near-tireless slaves by another of AL's races, the kiisici.  Now, they're free to wander in the vast, uncharted reaches beneath the surface, living a nomadic life in search of food and a purpose for the members of their shy, peaceful clans.

Moloks hold dear the rituals, rites, and customs of their ancestors.  They don't value innovation or change, but preserve the old ways in their close-knit tribal society.
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