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YES! You have come to the right place!

Come check out Beyond the Shadows!

Our code has been stripped and re-built. We are running ROM.

- Our setting, is Fantasy.

- *NEW* You may play up to two charactors at once!

- Your RP is endless, you can be whatever you want to be. We have an extended Race selection. Almost every race has its own language (which is learnable by all). Also, clothing that may fit large races, will not fit small races and vise versa. So you wont see a Giant wearing the same clothing as a Pixie.

- We have professions, so you can, craft armor, make weapons, brew potions, scribe scrolls (spells or stories), create and run a clan of followers, or open a shop for business. Player homes are avaiable, as the staff builds and creates new places.

- We have something called RPPL (Roleplay Priveledge Level) If you are in some deep RP and wish to be noticed, or want to let others know, so they may join, you can toggle a flag. We are a RP mud, so players are expected to always be in RP mode, flag or not. Each level achieved by RP, grants the player new commands. The first few levels are given by Immortals, unless a player as reached the highest point, then players can reward other players.

- Our staff is awesome. We do not take sides, and everyones voice is heard. We accept all ideas, and most or imp'ed. We are very active, and very commited. You have the option to 'worship' a certain god, and depending on your choice, you may find you get lots of help when needed, or you may get it once in awhile. You may also choose to worship nobody. We are very friendly and welcome all new people the best we can without actually doing all the work for them.

- We have an extended class selection. They consist of the following classes.
Warrior - The classic swing and slash fighter.
Warlock - A warrior of talent, using magic to aid in battle.
Paladin - Known as the religious warrior, any who oppose their cause beware.
Wizard - A powerful caster, knowledgeable in the arcane.
Sorcerer - Possessor of potent arcane talent and holy magics combined.
Shaman - Wielder of strong magics, adept also with darker regions of the arcane.
Necromancer - A master of necromancy, the commanding of the darker magics.
DeathKnight - The talents of a necromancer put to use on the battlefield.
Thief - Swift and sly, rogues and cutpurses by trade.
Assassin - Master of death not only with the blade, but magic also.
Ranger - A protector of nature, beware the arrow that springs from seemingly nowhere.
Priest - A holy caster, predominantly defensive and excellent healers.
Druid - Attuned with the forest, these holy casters are one with nature.
Monk - Devoted to their religion, all their efforts are focussed there.

- We do have PK. There are currently no restrictions in place for player killing or player stealing. However, one must keep within valid RP while engaging in either activity with other players.

- We have random equipment stats and random equipment drops. You might never get the same object from a guard, and if you do, it might have different stats on it. IE.. it may have +50 hp the next time it will have +30 HP +2 CON. ect.. Also one day you might get a sword, later you may get a shield.

- We offer automated quests as well as Immortal run quests. All points can be saved for prizes. Anything from gold, special equipment, practices or trains.

- We have many skills and spells. Here are a few skills that some might enjoy. We have a skill called throw, where you can throw bricks, rocks, knives or whatever at other people or mobs. We also have archery, where you can shoot arrows at others. You can also shoot from room to room. Be prepared for those you are shooting at to chase you down. Another skill is riding. You will be able to mount and ride pets as well as rideable players such as dragons (player riding is a command that can be toggled).

- We offer fighting stances. Each stance can be toggled during battle. The higher the skill the better the affects. Stances offer certain advantages as well as disadvantages.

You may like the place, you might not. We have a very loyal, but rather small playerbase. It ranges from 2 people to 20 people, depending on the time of day. Most of the staff are there and always avaiable, even if they can't be seen, just means they are working on something new. Well.. it can't hurt to give us a try, if you think we fit your outline. If not.. best wishes on finding what you search for!

Happy Mudding
telnet:// PORT 3000
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Hyena Priestess
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What about Lots of men?
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Yea, we have a lot of guys too!
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Who needs guys anyways? All there needs to be is one guy(me) and then the rest can be girls. Muwhahaha
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