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The Turning Point MUD strives to offer an exceptional, detailed and ever-improving RP environment. With that in mind, we wanted to draw attention to a few recent changes; major changes that will continue to create roleplaying opportunities and enrich the environment.

All of this information is available on our website, which we aim to keep up-to-date and stocked with useful information. Is TP MUD for you? Best way to find out is check out the site...

1. Magic has received a significant revamp (which continues) - in particular we've created a very complicated failure system, which emphasizes the power and danger of magic. Rogue mages (those not in the Foundation) can cause grave harm to themselves and those around them. Until you've seen a mage engulf himself and his companions in flames through a mis-cast spell...

Over the last several weeks, this change has drastically increased the amount of roleplay for mages, giving them new avenues to travel, and they continue to explore the ramifications of magic failures.

2. We've scrapped the classic "practice system" and the existence of "pracs", replacing it with two features - learn and teach. Players now learn from NPC guildmasters *and* can also learn from other players. This creates an entirely new mechanism for roleplay - player teachers, player students, player-run guilds, etc. -- the possibilities are endless. This new system completely removes any OOC notions of how skills are gained and increased, and instead creates an IC-based construct which we feel people will love.

3. PC homes were introduced - which will allow players to own their own residences, be they manors in Easlen, hovels in Imbraer, or caves/dens in Elenihr. Designed as a reward to our exceptional RPers, we believe this will further people's connection to the game world.

4. A large, new wilderness area was added, the forest Elenihr (north of Easlen, Elysia's capital). This area is incredibly detailed, with vast amounts of flora and fauna. It provides wilderness-based players (be they druids, rangers, etc.) with an entirely new and detailed place to roleplay. Along with this area we published Tarn's Ecology Guide (available on the website and in the game), which is a compendium of flora and fauna divided by areas. It is very much a work in progress, but it already demonstrates our attention to detail, and our goal of making the world of Tarn as real as possible.

And all of this, and much more, is all in the last few weeks. TP MUD is being updated very regularly, be it with new code or new areas - and the development isn't stopping.

TP MUD is a roleplay intense, fantasy environment.

We are always searching for quality roleplayers (new ones or veterans) looking for a new world to make their own, a place to throw themselves into a new and interesting role.

Come check us out.

telnet:// 9999

Pleos, TP Imp
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Big changes -> NEW beginnings.

Hi there,

It's been a while since Turning Point Mud closed down.. but I've finally decided to spend some time developing a mud in it's image.

If you care to have an input or help out with this mud, please email me at:

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