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Have you ever wanted to play a MUD that was well written, well scribed, and well played? Or how about exist in a land where infallible creatures existed such as the legendary and beautiful unicorn or the fearsome and dreaded nightmare? Or perhaps your tastes are more along the lines of a heated political cesspool with incredible player interactions? Whatever your desire,, an IRE MUD, has it. Centered around the storyline of the Soulless and the Elder Gods, Lusternia casts a story that is both breath taking and haunting at the same time.

With places such as the beautiful City of Light, New Celest, the monstrous and unforgiving City of the Taint, Magnagora, a world exists in whatever your tastes may be. Perhaps you don't wish to partake in a city-like lifestyle? Then travel to Serenwilde, home of the Great Nature spirits of the Great White Hart and Mother Moon and become a stargazing astrology casting Wiccan or a dreamcasting Dreamweaving Druid. Don't feel like being a cuddly Serenwilder? Then the haunting and fearsome Glomdoring Forest, home of the Great Spirits known as Cruel Crow and the dark Mother Night, would be for you.

Whatever your tastes and whatever your heart's role playing desires, Lusternia has it all.

With wonderous things such as customizable Manses that can be made into space traveling Aetherships and miraculous feats that can devestate your enemies, Lusternia has a magic that is one of a kind. So come join us here in Lusternia and prepare yourself for a world that you won't want to leave.

Experience the miracle. Experience the magical. Experience Lusternia.
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