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Hey all,

I'm posting as one of many addicted players of FL (short for Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands, of course ).

FL is a MUD that offers high-quality, enforced roleplay combined with a high-quality, balanced PK system. PK cannot be truly avoided in FL (except for the Adventurer class, for newer players), and as such, when an intense PK experience like this is combined with enforced roleplay, players can become immersed within the land of Aabahran as their persona, fuelling and being affected by large-scale Immortal-aided plots and events. Many races and classes await (including special 'quest' races/classes that must be applied for), as well as Cabals/armies for characters to join. And to restate, both RP and PK are both integral to the MUD, and enforced; not a single OOC (out-of-character) channel exists apart from a Newbie channel for beginning characters.

Currently, the grand city of Val Miran is currently undergoing restoration after recent events have left it bombarded with litter and dysentry, as well as disease-ridden rats. The Tribunal Empire have called upon a businissman, known as Krundil to restore city to it's former glory, by supplying 'workers' for a handsome amount of gold. As the city is slowly being worked on, people are beginning to notice the shoddy working conditions of these 'workers', and it becomes apparent that they are slaves. Those who wish to see slavery to restore Val Miran are now being opposed by those who seek to stand up for them, and yet the citizens see or hear little of Krundil, other than when he lets them know of his latest fees.

Will you stand up for slaves, or will you see them beaten and whipped harder? Aabahran awaits your decision, whether to participate in the coming events, or to form your own personal plot to captivate the people of the lands with.

A very helpful and dedicated staff of Immortals await, along with a helpful playerbase, to welcome newer players. Optionally, register on the forums if you wish to introduce yourself to the community, ask for any help or advice, or simply to have a chat.

FL Forums
FL Official Site - Connect to Aabahran: The Forsaken Lands.

Have fun, and feel free to ask any questions.

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