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It has been two centuries since the Devastation. Midgaard lies in ruins,
now the home of foul undead. The humans, elves, and halflings of the
Graecian Empire fight with the orcish hordes amongst the rubble, while
new cities have risen to the east and south. Far across the oceans, new
continents have been discovered, filled with strange peoples. Amidst the
chaos of warfare lies a world of mystery and magic, waiting for
adventurers to explore it.

Alsherok is a medieval/fantasy mud using the AFKMud codebase, which is derived
from the SMAUG 1.02a/1.4a codebase. We have many features, such as:

* A unique character creation system where you create your character in play.
* Choose from 19 races and 11 classes.
* An original 9,000+ room world, connected by an extensive overland map system.
* A more realistic auction system with automated auctioneers.
* Variable display layouts for things like score, who, etc.
* Highly customizable ANSI color.
* Guilds for peaceful players, Clans for PK.
* Internal command aliasing.
* Mud eXtension Protocol (MXP) enhancements. [Requires client-side support]
* Mud Sound Protocol (MSP) enhancements. [Requires client-side support]
* MCCP compression to reduce outgoing bandwidth. [Requires client-side support]
* Integrated webserver supporting who, wizlist, areas list, and helpfile index.
* Intermud-3 and IMC2 chat network links.
* A staff of helpful, friendly immortals. Cliche, but at least it's true

Need more incentive? Drop by our webpage.
It's full of helpful tips on playing on Alsherok and has a number of other
goodies such as a stories section.

There are a lot of things to see and do in Alsherok, and we hope to see you there!

Adventure beckons in the lands of mystique....
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