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Rift is on a distinguished road

Well, here I am to do an obligatory plug for my favorite particular trio of games.

They all have unique aspects, with their only commonality being that they've initially fermented in some happy little corner of the mind of Wes Platt, known on the games themselves as Brody.

Otherspace: New Journeys

Let us start with Otherspace... a rich sci-fi history, and some might say the most in-depthly-evolved (well, people with bad grammar might say), of the three.

Inplementing a refereed combat and skill system, overseen by a dedicated team of admins, and filled with some of the best damn Roleplayers I've seen in a while. Otherspace: New Journeys is a second incarnation of the original game, set across an entire galaxy of planets. Applications are required, but don't let that scare you off. A range of skills, from Underwater Basket Weaving to Psionic Powers, is hard-coded for rolling during competitive refereed situations, but the RP itself is where the magic lies.

Gain experience through good roleplay, or when other players vote to commend you on scenes you are involved in. Sample the coded space-travel and combat system known as OSpace.

As to how much they value the idea of fair, player-driven roleplaying:

Look, a player once blew up an entire planet on OS. People and all. This isn't an advertisement, OR an encouragement, because said player was widely defamed, and it in fact became a big IC escapade that the planet later returned, but player-driven RP is encouraged and given reasonable respect here.

If you want a pure RP environment in a sci-fi setting, come on down. Inventive character concepts, a huge Wikifull (another non-grammatically-correct word) of info, and a cheerful and encouraging staff that can't wait to have you pestering them with questions. It shows them you like them, trust me.

Click Here To Visit Otherspace!

Now, if Sci Fi isn't your thing...


Chiaroscuro is a true Medieval fantasy world. That is to say, nobles, an emperor, commoners, peasants, and yet another rich roleplay environment. However, Chia offers a +craft system, which enables you to create items for both roleplay and functionality purposes.

These range from guards and retainers who you "hire" through the system, to items such as clothing, armor, swords, jewelery, plants, drugs, well, it's a BIG list. But see for yourself by checking out the Wiki or the game itself!

An evolving world, featuring many areas, from the empire of Fastheld itself, out to the isles of the Moss Men, change and growth are close on the horizon.

Unlike Otherspace, someone who contributes to Chia can purchase Chiacredits, enabling them to obtain crafting minutes in excess of those normally accrued, purge protection (in case you're away for longer than thirty days at a time for some reason), and myriad other features. However, since roleplay is central to the environment, and your roleplay is only restricted by your imagination, this isn't a necessity, just a possibility.

Chiaroscuro also has an application process in place, and an extremely broad spectrum of skills to choose from.

Come look at Chiaroscuro!

Now, if you're more in the vein of gaining experience, skills, levels, and killing stuff, welcome to Necromundus!

Necromundus-- City of the Dead

You've died. There's no question about that. Your former life is over, now a life of glory and struggle begins, well, sort of.

In Necromundus, you can take on the role of one of many races, from the Angels, to the Demons, to Sauroids, Felinoids, Humans, Elves, Dwarves...the list goes on.

A stylish turn-based combat system runs in fragmented time, inputting commands each turn. Scripts won't help you quite as much here, and those without scripting skill can still level and compete with the rest (unlike some MUDs, which still rock, but don't have said element). In short, doesn't matter how fast a typist you are, you can fend off the Rock Wolves and House Ushers with the rest of us.

Roleplay is encouraged through rewards, but not necessary.

(Though I myself am trying to bypass this and spawn a thriving, unholy and verbose character community... err, forget I said that.)

The +craft system allows you to describe items with custom names and appearances, and to build, if you have the right craft skills, basically any item sold by an NPc storekeeper. Then you can sell what you've crafted. Mine resources from around the world, make legendary weaponry, or even participate in the Good/Evil system for buffs in future.

Best thing about Necromundus is, it's only in Open Beta. No lengthy period of time goes by where those participating now don't get some perk just for being around, and subscribers during said period get even more.

You can subscribe, purchase Necrocredits to get perks (but it is notable that in game credits can get you the same perks if you build them up), or just play for the heck of it.

Suggestions and fresh ideas are always welcome, and the place is growing by the day.

Don't come crying to us if you miss out on all the perks during Beta when the game starts to thrive in a year's time.

Characters won't be wiped at end of beta, and Necromundus might soon have an Immort system. (Not Remort, Immort, as in a new skillset at 50th level, so woot.).

If you do wish to engage in Roleplay here, the spectrum is very broad, since you could have been from any dimension during life, most characters can fit right in. Even characters from other JTS games.

Say Hello To The Reaper For Me!

Well, I've given my piece. If you like Chia or Necro, and end up signing up and joining the game, then do me a favor if you feel like it (though really you'll be doing me a favor just by swelling the ranks of my favorite games):

On Chiaroscuro, post a +str saying Azrion referred you.

On Necromundus, do the same, but say Rift referred you.
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