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The Forgotten Ages

I just finished working on our new game. The game is called, "The Forgotten Ages" and is a medieval/fantasy MUD that relies alot on roleplaying. In the game you can be 8 different races and 7 different classes or professions.
There are currently over 3,000 locations to explore.

You can meet alot of people and make alot of new friends. Please come and try it out and let me know what you think! I need as much feedback as possible.

I appreciate it very much!

Name of Game: The Forgotten Ages
Web Site:
Admin Name: Tenament Games, Inc.
Admin Email:
Location: USA
Primary Lang: English
Codebase: Custom
Category: Medieval Fantasy
Theme: Massive Multiplayer Fantasy Roleplaying
Status: Open for Testing
World Originality: All Original
World Size: 3,000+ Rooms
Playerkilling: Restricted
Roleplaying: Encouraged
Features: Quests
Supports ANSI
Hiring Builders
Saves Equipment
Playerkilling Allowed (Restricted)

The Forgotten Ages is a unique mud. It has a totally custom engine built with character development in mind. The game contains a wide variety of races, classes, professions, class skills, verbs, items, and many other different features that help make it unique.

You can be eight different races including: Human, elf, half-elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome, tenrei (cat people), and naga (snake people). You may also choose from seven different professions including: Barbarian, thief, cleric, mage, paladin, merchant, and bard. More races and classes are being planned out and will be added when the product testing stage concludes.

We have a staff of GameMasters who can assist you in game. The game is in a constant growth and rooms are being added all the time.
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