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On today's issue of Psychology Today: Anger, and how to treat it!

We've all been angry at one point or another... And we all wanna take it out somewhere. So here's an idea! Why not release all your anger by blowing stuff up?

It's illegal? Well, now is your chance - ASSAULT: High Tech War

Build your base from a selection of over 110 different buildings, and hunt other players using a vast arsenal, ranging from simple guns to bazookas and lasers, to bombs and grenades, psychic abilities, tanks, aircrafts, spaceships, SCUDs, and so much more, in a giant map where we count its rooms by the -million-.

Create your own vehicles from custom parts, research spaceship technology and gather special vehicle pieces! Settle in planets, turn the moon into a Death Star if you wish!

Use the advanced hacking simulator to hack mainframes, break their passwords, and download, edit, or erase their data, while bypassing firewalls and antiviruses!

8 Technology trees keep the game more interesting - Create a base specialized for hacking, ultimate defense or offense, biological weaponry, easy life, spying, or even one based on psychic abilities. The sectors in which you choose to build your base effect many aspects of defending it.

Choose one of 15 different classes, each with its own advantages, explore the world for quest items with random defenses, upgrade your base using parts scavanged from buildings you destroy... or spend your time enhancing your defenses and gathering information about other players.

MCCP, MXP and MSP support. Players are even able to download a pre-configured version of MCClient from our website so they can benifit from MCCP even without advanced clients. Hear the sounds of a building exploding, or your weapon trying to fire... with an empty clip...

If you like a game that keeps you on your toes, a game where you can't mindlessly PK, but still have tons of fun doing it, a game where strategy comes first, this is it!

This is the MUD for you. 3003
ASSAULT: High Tech War

Join us next week on Psychology Today when we teach you how to control pwnedsomania, a disease common on ASSAULT players who just can't stop blowing stuff up.
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Very very clever
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