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Aurealan Realms is an RoAMUD, the bastard stepchild of CircleMUD, and features a new and different style of mudding for those with the desire for an alternative to the normal flavors.

We feature a two-continent world, made up of over 16k rooms, 2.4k creatures and 4.4k different objects. Our world has an all-original mythos, comprised of 16 races and 13 classes. We have a custom remorting system in place, over 140 automated quests online, and live quests weekly.

We're a heavily RP-encouraged MUD, and while we don't enforce it, every facet of the MUD is written to support RP. All of our areas are "in-theme", and we have a reward system in place for exceptional role-playing. We have an RP staff dedicated solely to promoting and assisting any and all RP that happens. 4000 (or 4000)

If you're looking for a new home, we're looking for new members of the family. -Mouseglove
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