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Join Date: Jul 2006
Name: Brandon
Location: Shelby Township, Michigan
Home MUD: The Builder Academy
Home MUD: 4 Dimensions
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I am a recent High School Graduate who now finds himself with excessive free time. I have been playing and staffing on muds for just over 7 years. I am currently without a full-time home, I staff/teach on The builder Academy, but this comes nowhere even close to taking up all of my spare time. Things I look for in a MUD are friendly players and imms, dedicated imms, and stable code. As far as codebase goes I prefer Circle but I know my way around on most codebases(just prefer DG Scripts to progs). The only two codebases I do not like (at least from an admin perspective) are LP (more because of a lack of knowledge concerning the codebase than any fault in it) and smaug (it has very poor OLC IMO) Maturity is another important thing that is important to me, I may be young but I am mature and expect other people to be as well. By this I DONT mean you have to be serious all the time but that people act like adults. As far as what I can do to help a MUD: In the past I have held positions as builder/headbuilder, questor, implementor, PR, and Enforcer. The last and one of the most important things for me in a MUD is its theme. I will not work on ANY anime, or star wars, and/or video game themed games. My two favorite themes are Dragonlance/Forgotten Realms, both of which I have read at least 50 books of. As to more specifically what I am looking for is a position that would possibly include some building, but that would not revolve around building, as it gets rather tedious in large amounts.
My ideal MuD would be a Forgotten Realms/DragonLance circlemud that is looking for someone knowledgable in DG Scripts and the commands of circlemud (especially Suntzu).

You can contact me at
or you can reply here.
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