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Peril's Awakening is seeking builders and other staff members for a MMORPG-style MUD set in the Forgotten Realms that uses a Final Fantasy Online based rules-system.

The adminstrators are mature and easy-going individuals who wish to promote a fun atmosphere to work in where individuals can form friendships with the other members of their teams. Between the three of us we have almost 1/3 of a century in MUD experience.

We fully expect this MUD to be one of the most popular on the Internet. We are dedicated to making that a reality with aggressive, frequent and personal staff recruitment, with paid advertisement on MUD and MUD affiliate web sites, and by being examples ourselves to our staff and players by sharing the workload as much as humanly possible. The MUD itself will be free for all to play. We will never collect any revenue of any form because of this creation.

Please take the time to peruse some of our features:

*Set in Cormyr of the Forgotton Realms. We will expand out first to the dalelands and then in all surrounding directions.

*6 starting classes. Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard, Monk and Wicca.

*15 advanced classes. From Paladins to Assassins to the fabled bladesingers of the elves, we have 15 advanced classes that can be attained by doing mid level quests, and the system is created for an infinite number of advanced classes in the future.

*8 Races. Human, Elf, Half Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf, Drow Elf and Half Orc.

*Multiclassing and virtually unlimited replayability. Like FFXI, once a level 20ish quest is completed you can add a subclass. The subclass can be up to 1/2 your main class's level. You get all abilities of your subclass up to that level and some of the hp, mp and mvp. You can switch classes from your own home (see below) at any time to group with friends that are different levels than you or to simply try out a new class.

*Unique player homes. There are player homes which are able to be uniquely decorated. Each home has a chest and can allow invites for your friends to join you in there. You can store your extra equipment in the chest and best of all, the chest is transportable to any of the 'rent-a-rooms' in the inns in all of the major cities we will create!

*Complete Crafting System. The vast majority of all equipment will be created by players. Every player will have the chance to become a master crafter, or they can simply hunt supplies and sell them to crafters who will make items for them. This will create a stable MUD economy with great possibilities for all kinds of playing styles.

*We use the cwg suntzu distribution of CircleMUD, which already has many popular features precoded such as vehicles (think spelljammer) and languages. We plan to perfect these systems by adapting them to be unique to our MUD in the long term.

*Quests that tie into an ongoing storyline and which play an active role in developing your character. All such quests will be hard coded so they can be enjoyed by all players. There will also be staff-run events from time to time, though for the most part the storyline will advance by indirect involvement on the part of the staff.

*Auction House System. Picture each region of the world having it's own EBay-style auction system. Player's are able to put items up for auction, and then forget about it until it gets bought. Delivery is automatic, and the entire system is organized into easily-navigatable menus. The auction house saves its contents over reboots.

*Complete Player-Run Economy and Political System. From player run shops, to elected officials who run each region, to massive, hired (or captured) npc armies who wage war on those the ruler deems conquerable, our regional system will give true meaning to the phrase "player-run persistant world". Our ambitions with this feature are extremely high. Some rulers might have so much to do, between running their country, defending it from invaders, keeping the people happy, and making sure they get elected again next term, that they'll hardly have enough time to go adventuring. Those who do not like that style of play can resign to becoming an adventurer again, or risk having their authority usurped by the next popular candidate who claims they will. Players will have the ability to create trade routes, and hire other players to protect their cargo from npc, and potential-pc bandits. The system will be extremely detailed, click here for more information.

Below are the staff members we are looking for:

Coders: Coders are responsable for programming the various game features and staff tools and utilities. Previous circlemud coding experience is considered an asset.

World Builders: Main duties include creating mobiles and rooms. Mob stats are staticly based on race, class and level.

Crafting Builders: Main duties include creating objects for the crafting system and the assemblies required to make the items.

Quest Writers: Main duties include developing the storyline and writing scripts and spec_procs to place quests in the game.

Text Writers: Main duties include managing the help files and socials of the game.

Feel free to check us out on the web. You can find us at

More information on the various available positions can be found at

Please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or comments. I am available every day and reply to all emails within a few hours. I will also be active on this Forum for the next few weeks if you wish to reply to this thread.

Thanks for your interest in Peril's Awakening,

Steve Squires
aka Gicker
Co-Owner and Head Implementor of Peril's Awakening
ICQ: 98886864
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Sounds interesting, good luck with it. I suppose i'll pop in for a looksie sometime, you never know...
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