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CalaisMUD, a new LPC mud in the fantasy genre, is looking to add additional experienced lib developers and builders to round out our talented team of 15. We are currently adapting a base Heaven7 lib to our needs - experience with this style is not necessary, but definitely helpful. Must be laid back, hard working, organized, adaptable. C Programmers welcome!

Send inquiries to Haven at

or by messenger.

AIM: RokkurVeioimaour

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Location: (Note: not open to players, inquiries welcome). port: 7000

The Game:

In a time when Gods ruled the world, the richness of your life or your poorness at death are often determined by how favoured you remain. Those choosing to follow the dark gods often find life in the underworld rewarding – crawling through back alleyways, slitting a throat or two, or picking a pocket; a man can live like a king. In the light of day, followers of the paths of good and righteous folk spend their days farming, trading, healing, doing their best to keep back the threat of chaos ever nipping at their heels.

The great golden city of Calais is the hub of this constant battle. Even those remaining neutral in stance will find it a challenge to keep to their beliefs, keeping corruption to one side or the other down.

CalaisMUD will support:

A five guild system which determines your life’s path, occupation, and quests.: Adventurers (commoners, tradesmen, farmers), Rogues (thieves, assassins, gypsies), Spiritualists (priests, priestesses, herbal healers), Warriors (the mightiest paladin to the lowliest squire), and Mages (elementalists, magic users). Occupations will be more than just a title. As you advance in level you’ll have various choices as to activities, earn an income, etc.

A full race system will determine some of your skills and abilities, how you are perceived in society, and much more. Races include: angel, demon, elvenkind (high, drow, wood), faerie, ogre, dwarf, nymph, giant, shapeshifter, anthropomorph (ability to choose custom animal blend with earth, air, water specialty), and vampire. Some races will require special tasks or mini quests to reach.

A deities system: The gods of light, darkness, and neutrality as well as the powers of the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and metal) and the mythos will determine further options for player activities.

Supported clan system & clan council – halls, pubs, shops included.

Supported player’s law council – a fellowship of players ruling over minor game and some roleplay issues. Overseen by the game magistrate (law department).

Political system is in development – players as ruling nobility in various parts of the land.

Affiliation support for roleplay based clubs and fellowships. They won’t have clan support, but may be run by anyone level 20+ and have some small features.

Optional PK. Unlimited death though players lose stats/xp each time. Custom death scenes based on alignment. Suicide possible.
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is there an a website or telnet adress so we can look at whats been done so far?
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I would urge those looking for builders to be specific in what your mud will offer.

RPI? HnS? Classes? Levels? Races? A general idea of all/some/more of these would be very, very helpful.

I know if I saw the proper advert for my kind of mud I would probably speak with them about becoming a builder. But, those adverts that say 'We're building a dikumud. Stop by for an interview'. Why would I stop by to look if the game is going to be something I would neeeever consider playing, much less building on? That's a waste of time for the both of us.

Just a tip, helpful or not I'll leave up to you.
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