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I have long been a mudder and a staff member --working at quite a few Muds and even running one or two in my time. I've done everything from development to PR to building to hiring to admining to.... you get the picture. I'm basically a jack of all trades, minus the coding bit. I haven't worked anywhere for a while due to a lack of time and currently I'm spastically playing at one small Mud that caught my fancy. I miss the rewarding satisfaction of working on the right Mud. While my schedule will be freeing up somewhat at the end of this month, I still have quite a busy life, and to any considering contacting me, please realize that. While I may not have endless hours to dedicate to your Mud, realize that when I do choose a project I am dedicated, and even with somewhat limited time, can produce quality work.

But enough about me, here's a drop of what I'm looking for:

* NOT a completed, established mud. I know this is what most staffers are looking for, but, I guess I'm not most staffers. I like a challenge. This is not to mean I want to be a part of your NeW kEwL sToCk ROM mUd. To be perfectly honest, I'm somewhat partial to custom code, but, stock that is modified or is in the process of being modified is just fine with me too. So long as it has some type of online building or OLC, I'm good. I also have no problem building offline and sending in my areas to be implemented. I have no problem offering sample room descriptions or anything else you might require.

* I want a MUD with a gameplan. One with a dedicated head. One that already has at least one working coder and (hopefully) a few staff people. Just because I don't want an established Mud doesn't mean I want a blank slate. Have a plan. Have documentation you can send to me outlining what you're hoping to accomplish with this project and how you're hoping to accomplish it. Yes, I'd prefer a place that isn't "set," or at least one where my voice will be heard and I can have some input. While I have been at the very top of Muds in the past, I understand and have always understood that -for the most part- you don't start out at the top. So far as I remember, I never have. Luckily, I have a knack for proving myself rather quickly and I think one would find once I commit to something, I'm a competent and diligent hardworker. Aahhhh! That sounds so egotistical!  

* I prefer Muds with unique themes. That doesn't mean I wont consider your Medieval mud, but, it does mean you're going to have to show me what sets yours apart from the millions of others out there. Think you're unique? New? Fresh? I'm more than likely interested with you. Oh, also, I tend to stray from HnS muds. Grew out of those a long time ago. I prefer places that intend to put a rather large emphasis on roleplay. Some HnS, some PK is alright, but if you're planing on not integrating roleplay as a large part of your finished Mud, I'm probably not interested.

* YOU -meaning the Mud Owner/coder/admin/who ever's-in-charge- MUST be dedicated. I have no patience for someone who isn't dedicated to their own project. Know what you want and show me how you're getting there. I may have a lot of know-how, but I'm not to be hired to do your job for you. If I'm never going to see or hear from you, it tells me you don't have much respect for your project or your staff; I quickly lose any respect I had for you.

What can I do for you?
Lots. Try me. I've done just about anything and everything that doesn't involve coding. As I mentioned above, everything from building to player relations.

Interested? Email me and plead your case:

After receiving your email, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I'm testing the waters here, seeing who I hear from...seeing who I'm interested in. I may want to converse back and forth with you quite a few times before deciding to go or not to go with your Mud. Mind you, I wont be interested in starting actual work until I gain some time at the end of the month. That doesn't mean I won’t be in touch. Helpful hint: I like to be inundated with lots of info. Send me tons of stuff about your mud or your prospective mud.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
I hope to hear from you.

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