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Dreamworld is a hybrid-graphical Mud, meaning it can be played either with the graphical client or in full-text form (With any telnet client). The entire project is 100% custom-coded, and has been under development for the last few months.

It is now time to start the creative process.

What the Mud needs, right now, are only a few people to help create the basic world and give me ideas as to what features they would need to enhance their areas. I want to make sure the builders, now and in the future, will be able to make their NPCs as real as they want them to be.

I need:
2 Builders
1 2D Graphics Artist to help with the client

A brief "about" list for Dreamworld:

* The game will be an RP Mud. There is a storyline, and features that make it evolve and change for each individual player.
* Classless and Levelless architecture. Player advancement is governed by a skill-tree, and which paths the player decides to learn (Skill B requires 60% at skill A in order to learn, skill C requires 40% at skill A, you pick which one you want to focus on). Skills increase with usage.
* Slow-paced, strategic combat system (I'll remind again that everything is coded from scratch).
* Player-created spells based on their skills at specific magic realms.
* Player-created items using Crafting and Alchemy.
* Custom client that allows for pictures, music, sound-effects and option-dialoges.

Builders will have the ability to create:

* Quests that can only be performed one time, or quests that have different results based on different actions the player has taken. NPCs can "remember" the status of the player's quest, allowing for different endings. For example, if you kill the assassin, your status changes to 1. If you kill the king, status changes to 2 - You can then check the status and act accordingly.

* Timed quests, quests that check for effects (You can only perform quest if the player is invisible, for example)...

* Control over NPC Fighting AI. You can control how well the NPC performs in battle, how far he'll try to track the player down before giving up if they flee.

* Control over individual skills of the NPC. You can make your NPC a weaponsmaster, or a skilled lightning-caster.

* Timed mobprogs, a "wait" command that actually works

* Rare items in shops, rare merceneries, items inside treasure chests.

* Set client-specific functions such as "Background music" for specific rooms, or pictures for NPCs and items.

I need a graphics artist to:

* Create room pictures, NPC and object icons.

* Help with the design of the client, create buttons and icons.

* Current screenshots can be found at:

If this post caught your attention, please mail me at akruvi (at) with your experience and perhaps a sample of your work. I'll show you around the game, and you can decide whether you want to help out or not - credit will be given to those who deserve it.

Thank you,
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