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Alexander Tau
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I have just within the last few weeks begun a new game project. The concept was inspired in part by a demo Mud called GalaxyMud and it's interesting orbital mechanics model.

Set in 2105 the game is Galactic in scope and combines elements from Star Trek, Star Wars, RTS games like Warcraft or Age of Empires, Flight Sims, Wargames, and of course Science Fiction Novels and Books.

The game is to be created in Persistant LPC via DGD, and will use the mudlib Phantasmal as a starting point. We are lucky enough to have the technical advice of the creator of Phantasmal.

We do not need builders in the usual sense of people who create Rooms and other such things. Rather we need people who can create Systems and do other programming types of tasks. However since we are planning a heavy Social side as well there will be much for the non-technically inclined to do if they are interested.

I have always wanted to do a game where true Exploration goes on forever. Our goal is 100,000 Stars and almost as many Planets to find, explore, possibily exploit, or even Live upon. The game is scaled to Space, so players will be able to expand their own personal abilities to remarkable levels.

Since this is a Role Playing game, we will have Staff members who are Game Masters to direct the action from behind the scenes. All Staff members will be able to play the game, many doing so as part of the major Storylines. Multiple characters are possible for those with the skill, and honor to handle them.

Only 3 levels of Staff: Admin, Senior Staff (GameMasters) and Staff. Team effort with everyone contributing as much as they are willing and able to do. Adults only, age is not a factor, maturity certainly is.

If any of this is of interest, please visit the Forum listed in my Signature. Full details of what we are planning, and who we currently are, can be found there. Advice and suggestions are welcome as well.

Oh, and the name of this game? "The Ultimate Galaxy"

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Originally Posted by
I have always wanted to do a game where true Exploration goes on forever. Our goal is 100,000 Stars and almost as many Planets to find, explore, possibily exploit, or even Live upon.
A point to consider: Roleplaying requires interaction, and the more spread out the players are, the less interaction there's going to be. Will players be able to use teleporter devices to get together (stargates, beaming people around, etc)? Will they interact virtually (some sort of holodeck, cyberspace, etc)? Or will the roleplaying take part via communication devices? Or perhaps the roleplaying parts of the game take place at a particular location, with the rest of the universe used for other gamers (explorers, etc)?

But if you're going to have 100k stars and planets then presumably you're going to be using on-the-fly generated content anyway - so why have a fixed limit at all? Elite II, for example, had around 200 billion solar systems, each with up to 20 planets - yet the game itself came on a single floppy disk. I believe there are around 100 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy, so it's certainly something you might want to consider (particularly as you seem to be trying to create a simulation).
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Alexander Tau
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 101
Alexander Tau is on a distinguished road
Since this is an SF game, advanced communications are reasonable, as opposed to a Swords and Sorcery type game where they are not. Players will be able to communciate with anyone at pretty much anytime.

Person to Person, as well as a wide variety of group Channels all the way up to Galactic which is open to everyone. Some sort of VR style is possible as well.

Each Colony, and potentiall each Ship, is a major Storyline center all it's own. The people who own and live at a particular Colony will mostly be concerned with events on their Planet.

But in the end this is really Role Playing Lite. Some encoragement in the beginning to create a Character with some defining personal traits, and then just the simple suspension of disbelief that this is not a game. Anyone can do it, but those with real roleplaying skills have a vast canvas to draw upon.

Each player owns a Personal Shuttlecraft that can make runs between fully mapped locations in a very short time. These craft can be upgraded but will always be quite small when compared to actual Ships. Shuttles can deliver you to a Spaceport or anywhere on a known Planet. You can also use these craft to join a Ship out in Space, however the Captain of the ship must be willing to slow down quite a bit for 10-15 minutes as you make your approach and dock.

The number of Stars and Planets are fixed at a very large number to ensure exploration will take a very, very long time. What is generated on the fly is the map of the Planet and the details that go along with that, like creature population. I want to build a fairly accurate, but fictional, version of our Galaxy and that means a lot of precalculations for orbits and positions that the game can then use.

I picked the 100,000 number by considering the state of technology today and what can be handled easily by Mud code. Overall Ship speeds are being designed with the idea that going from the center of the Galaxy to the edge should take about 6 months or so. Getting back is considerably faster.

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