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Currently i use CVS to keep track of my changes (i've learned my lesson long ago about not being able to backtrack, or at least to figure out what i've changed since last working version)

But lately i've heard of subversion, which is the next version of CVS.. supposed to be better. I've successfully installed it (by that i mean like make and make install) but not configured it..

Before i go through and learn the syntax as well as the config files, i wondered if anyone else has tried it. I'm probably going to set it up in the near future anyways, at least for trial purposes.. but i'd like to know what to expect right?
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Yui Unifex
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Subversion is a good revision control system, and surely better than CVS. The problem with CVS is that there are terrible hacks for moving files around in your tree; hacks that usually result in the revision history for that file being wiped out. So if you're going to install and learn a version control system, subversion over CVS is a good idea.

Although subversion would've been ideal, I recently put all my source under BitKeeper, because of one little caveat: Subversion requires the usage of an Apache2 module (mod_svn). This wouldn't be so bad, but the PHP4 module for Apache2 is broken in some places and a little quirky, causing some needed applications to become unstable. So I had to roll-back Apache2 and thus stop using subversion.
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