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Iím looking for a programmer or programmers who want to make a mud from scratch. I mean from scratch content wise, I donít care if there is a base engine already done or whatever, I just mean I want the game to be %100 original in itís content. I leave all the code stuff up to the guys who have to actually do it. I want to find a few partners to work with, and hope to keep the team fairly small, at least at first. Here is a sample of my past mud work.

The project died because the coder could no longer work on it. I donít really need to have a graphical mud as I can often make a website to contain all the graphics needed. Although a graphic mud like this was super fun to make, I was very sad when we quit working on it. We even had a fully functional paperdoll system for making player portraits. It was awesome.

Here are some room samples I drew. Samples More Samples

I tossed this page together in 12 hours to show examples of what I could do just on the fly. You can also click on the images to get larger versions. The art was also drawn in those 12 hours.

Please check this out, I really slapped it together but I want to show that I can flush out a world quickly and efficiently. I do art and concept art for a living so Iím used to it.

Donít mind the typos, I was pretty tired and suffering from insomnia when I did the page. They can be easily fixed when Iím more awake.

Hope Iím not coming on too strong, and I figure I wonít get any responses, but I just really want to make something like this and have never been able to get my mind around the coding part. Also, if the project looks promising and the team is working well, etc, Iíll be happy to chip in my share for the costs when the time comes. Here are my only conditions.

-The Team Starts Small
I would rather build 5000 rooms myself rather than baby sit builders doing it, etc.

-Quality Over Content
Iíd rather we have a 2000 room mud with detailed descriptions, hidden items, puzzles, etc than a 10,000 room mud with no decrips and mindless mobs running about like idiots.

-Roleplaying Based
This means rp is as important, if not more important than leveling, etc. I love to kill mobs as much as the next guy, but I really want to work on a game with a detailed story, goals, quests, etc. Stuff to do.

-The game needs to be original. That means we make it all up. Not based on any book, or game, or anything. I donít really care about the theme as long as it is some kind of fantasy. We can talk about that stuff later.

Of course, I donít mind large teams as long as everyone gets along, and no one disregards your ideas before you can even get them started or flushed out. Everyone should have a say in the game, or it isnít fun to make anymore, it is a job all of a sudden, right?

And again, I donít really want to join a mud that is already running, or being created. I want to have a say in the creation from the start, and Iím looking for partners to work with. I donít have any plans on being some art drone or mindless builder just like I donít expect a coder to be a mindless code monkey. I want to get along and have a good time creating and sharing ideas.

You can see more of my work at the link below.

Let me know if youíre interested. Again, Iím pretty laid back, I just like to get work done you know? Thanks.
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