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Imperian has recently revamped its large-scale political systems, putting the ability to customise governments completely in the players' hands.

Citizens of the various cities and forestal councils are now able to create new political positions, assign powers and privileges to those positions, change how those positions are appointed/elected, and set eligibility requirements for each position. With well over fifty different powers and privileges, no city will be the same.

We've opened up a whole new world of play for players interested in politics. Want to be the most powerful political figure? Convince your fellow citizens with your stunning rhetoric and wheeling and dealing to build yourself a powerful dicatorship. Or perhaps you'd prefer to be a member of a ruling family, passing the government seats through generations of your descendants. All forms of government are possible, from aristocracy to theocracy.

Come in and try it out, everyone can be involved in this engaging and dynamic new system.
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Could a group of players band together and form their own government? (don't say the word "clan" please, I don't consider that a government)
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At this moment no, it is only in our cities and forest councils. However we will be expanding it into our guilds at some point as well.
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Old 04-05-2005, 03:58 AM   #4
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Interesting. Although I'd really like to know how you've worked out the logistics.

Monarchies tend to be difficult for player-sustained monarchies for two reasons:
* If you have don't have perma-death then the ruling monarch lives forever (or until they get sick of the game)
* Players very rarely have player-children, so heirs to the throne can be troublesome.

You have family bloodlines so apparently you've worked out some solution inherent to mud-families. Care to explain some more how you've done it? Or is this an underused feature in Imperian?

Democracies and Dictatorships are fairly easy in the mud world. Polls are easy to code, and dictatorships have no change of power (or if they do, the dictator simply names his heir).

However changes of state aren't always hunky-dorey. Democracies have a very easy change of state. One person willingly steps down, another willingly takes his place. But what about military coups?

Can the citizens rise up against their Theocratic government, kill them/lock them up/exile them and place a new dictator as the ruler? How is that done code-wise?

How are laws coded into the game (I'm assuming your mud has some sort of coded legal system). For example: Now women may wear a hat. What about: No bad-mouthing the president?

Is there some sort of code involved to keep track of the laws? If so, how does it know when a law has been passed? e.g. Let's say President John suggests law X, congress votes and it has 51% in favor, which is needed in Pretoria for the law to be passed. How does the code realise this has happened?

Can a supreme court abolish a law, like the American one (sorry if I've misunderstood the American system).

It sounds like an interesting feature, that could lead to numerous interesting and unique forms of government. Never know, the next Marx might be playing Imperian as we speak.
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Laws are player enforced, as they tend to change from time to time, or exceptions are made, etc.

The monarchy goes by bloodline as I understand it.
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Yes, laws are player enforced.

As far as overthrowing governments such as monarchies and the like, it would be a difficult thing to do. Once an organization has taken a plunge like that, they would need to get the majority of the players in an organization to want to reverse it to vote as such in a ‘poll’. Of course, a monarchy would have had total control over the government up until this point, most likely squashing any possible rebellion before it happens. So unless the ruler or rulers themselves actually back the idea, or are total idiots, it would be fairly hard.

Thus far, the players have only made minimal changes to existing organizations. They have been moving some powers around, creating new ministries, nothing too major. Most likely they are nervous at this point to attempt any drastic changes that would put them at risk of losing position in the city.

I totally expect players to slowly add new powers here and there, slowly increasing the power of their positions until they evolve into some of the more extreme government types.

Personally, I find the potential for those that love to play politics incredible. For example, the player that wants total power could slowly work his way up in the ministries, gathering more and more power, manipulating the city members and leaders to add new or remove powers/rights from other players until they alone hold the city in an iron grip. Or perhaps there is the democracy minded player, carefully watching the scene for those who are seeking too much control for themselves. Maybe there is a religious order or guild seeking to place the city under their control, only allowing officials to be elected from their ranks.
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Name: Jeremy
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Oh, as far as families, they do get used a lot. Some families have managed to basically run some of the cities and guilds for short periods of time. Here are a couple of files that show how it all works.

Help Families
Help Bloodlines

- Jeremy
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Old 04-06-2005, 07:14 AM   #8
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One particular event of note was a bloody coup, which was something that was very exciting to be a part of!

Here is a summary of the event:

Originally Posted by
Date: 8/29/2003 at 1:57
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Justicars

For many years now, tension has grown between the city of Antioch and
her sworn defenders, the Justicars. Differences of opinions on religion
and policies led the two organizations to fight one another, eventually
ending in a large exodus of the Justicars ranks from the city. Their
guild rules were quickly amended to allow for this, causing great upset
with their guild tutor, Lady Fieran Muroc, who expressed her discontent
to their Guildmaster, Calis Targaryen. Her warnings left unheeded, the
Justicars continued upon their path.

As the years progressed, the Justicars became more and more prevalent in
other cities, and less in their home, Antioch. Plans began to formulate
to move the guild itself from the city and into another, perhaps
changing the guilds image completely. In a heated discussion, many
Justicars were left standing on opposite sides of opinion.

This all came to a violent head when a meeting of Calis and those
desiring to move was infiltrated by Aronus Tal Saraan, who relayed their
words back to the Order of Lord Vahin. Furious at those meetings desire
to abandon Antioch and change their path from Justice, Lady Fieran
stormed from the guildhall, no longer wishing to teach this changed
guild. Furious, Lord Vahin then slew Calis for his betrayal, and the
city of Antioch branded those Justicars attempting to move the guild
traitors, even going so far as to lock the guildhall and to station
loyal Justicar guards within. The Justicars responded by formally
requesting citizenship to many cities, outguilding the Shah himself, and
replacing the Patronship of Lord Vahin, God of Justice.

Events seemed to sit for a few days, growing steadily more tense, when
in a flurry of activity, the Justicars of Antioch stormed the guildhall.
With help from many citizens of their city, the guildhall was forcibly
reopened, and by Council vote Calis was replaced with Sir Lucien.

Now all seems quiet as the Justicars rebuild their guild from the ground
up, though Lady Fieran has returned, and Lord Vahin reinstated as
Patron. Hopefully reparations may be made with both sides, ending this
history of discontent. And on a more dastardly note, what of the
Justicars who fled city with Calis? More rogue Justicars roam the lands
than ever before, leaving the guild harmed in leadership and numbers.

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Fas, in the year 413 AD.
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