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Old 02-17-2006, 12:18 AM   #1
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Level 1-100, open PK is here. No longer do you have to join a clan, submit to the rules, blah blah blah. Now you can just PK PK PK.

PvP is a personal choice. At any time you can choose to become a Player Killer. This decision is not reverseable for the character. But you can have as many characters as you want (and play 2 at the same time), so you are welcome to have some PK chars and some non-PK chars.

Some aspects...
- A death won't tally if someone 10 levels above you kills you, and if you kill someone 10 levels below you, you will not get a kill tally.
- You have a short time (grace period) after you get killed in which you cannot attack or be attacked again. That gives you time to collect yourself and get to somewhere safe.
-You do not loose equipment, gold, levels. You might loose a bit of experience. This is subject to chage, we may allow looting or, grace the top PKers with special items.
-There are a few safe rooms, and you will be able to purchase a House to stay safe soon.
-While on an Imm Quest, questing players are not allowed to PK
-Pkers in the same group will not be able to attack/do damage to each other. This will allow groupping to kill others, or just to play with friends who happen to also be PKers.
-It's still not super easy to level to Hero, so do not expect a
GodWars type mud.

check it out. 8000
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KaVir will become famous soon enoughKaVir will become famous soon enough
Originally Posted by (SirTank @ Feb. 17 2006,07:18)
-It's still not super easy to level to Hero, so do not expect a
GodWars type mud, you have to have some skill at MUDding.
(no offense GodWars)
Repetitive grind has nothing to do with mudding skill (no offense to Medieval Times).
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Old 02-17-2006, 08:15 AM   #3
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SirTank is on a distinguished road
allright there ya go I have no desire to get into a flame war about ease of leveling vs skill required, it's so moot and immature. I did not mean to imply or make that correlation.
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