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Old 06-17-2003, 11:38 AM   #1
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Davairus is an unknown quantity at this point
I understand the work involved so.. I understand if nothing happens. Its working as is, just seems kinda spam to me sometimes. Now I'm not saying it IS spammy at all, just that it seems it to me.. its just my opinion, and if you feel differently.. well I respect that. Some ideas for improvements then:
[*]Limit review frequency

Think a MUD should only be able to have one new review posted per 12 hours. Same reason we have voting timers for individuals. Of course any suitable time length can be decided..
[*]Show me a few more latest reviews

Like say the last 10 or something, so that you can actually see a bit further back. I don't like to miss reviews, cuz sometimes they're funny stuff, there are some real gems in there.
[*]Allow comments

I think this would cut down on "review spamming" a bit. If you get bad review, you could reply a comment to defend yourself, on the review, if appropriate. Long as they don't bump the review, I'm all for this.
[*]Reviews expire

This is one thing I didn't like much about TMC for example. When you get a bad review, it brings to light problems in the MUD. Hopefully you then fix those problems. So the reviews accuracy is rather off. The fact they have a date on them helps this mind you.

Well there seems to be a lot of staff here, with so many people around, it seems feasible that an approval procedure could be added, so that a review doesn't immediately show up. As I understand it a review may be requested to be removed, but there's a few I notice from time to time slipping through that aren't really helpful to anyone at all.
[*]Cosmetic changes

Well, this might be minor depending on your P.O.V. Anyway, would be nice for reviews to have a title that the writer can decide, instead of being, for example, a page full of "Aardwolf - 06/07/03" etc, could be "Two thumbs up - 06/07".

Um thats pretty much all I can think of right now. This is a really nice site, fine as it is.. just wanted to uh, post something constructive.. if any of this was posted before I apologize..
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Old 06-17-2003, 04:52 PM   #2
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Xerihae will become famous soon enough

* Limit review frequency

Not sure on that one personally. I think it would be better solved with this suggestion...

* Allow comments

Agree totally. Comments will allow MUD players/admis to respond to reviews without posting their own like Dav said, which can only be a good thing.

* Reviews expire

There are good and bad points to this. On the plus side, like you said, MUDs evolve and older reviews can be made obsolete by changes so getting rid of older reviews can be handy. On the bad side if a MUD doesn't get reviewed regularly their reviews will just not exist, and it may encourage the sort of "fanboi" posting of reviews just to ensure a MUD has some up. Personally I'm undecided.

* Verification

I think this could be a good idea too. I'm assuming there's a swearing filter on the forum for a reason, and needing to have reviews verified first would allow the same sort of language to be censored out. With the college year coming to an end I should have plenty of time on my hands so I'd be willing to volunteer my services as a verifier. It's possible that verifiers could also go through the review and correct spelling and grammatical errors, so the reviews for everyone maintain a semi-decent standard.

* Cosmetic changes

Customisable review titles would be nice. Apart from that I don't personally have any problem with the current layout.

Hope some of this helps.
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