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Dryanna let one tear fall down her cheek as she looked back over her shoulder to the north gate of Naerlan, leaving the city forever. Her time had been spent learning to trust others, something her time in the Forest of The Whispering Wind had not been, and she was sad to leave the one true friend she had made, a friend that would never betray her secret even under pain of death.

Her sisters were moving on, and she had to go with them, her heart knew this, but yet, she was unsure whether it was the right thing to do. As Swanmay, they had to be together, lest they were not complete, but her soul was torn.

Their religious leanings were to Mentmacro, Goddess of The Green Path, the Goddess of Nature, and Dryanna knew there was much to accomplish in Naerlan, but their ability to follow their Goddess was only set upon how safe they were as a people. The Forest of The Whispering Wind, at the bottom of The Pyrainn Mountains was no longer a sanctuary, the Frost Giants above them hunting them for sport. They had to find somewhere else to hide.

Kediven...the name whispered through the wind, Dryanna lifted her head and sighed. She had so much she had wished to accomplish in Naerlan, there was so much hatred, so much sadness in the peoples hearts there. The Drow uprising from the clan of Veldrin threatening to overthrow much, causing turmoil amongst the people living within their shadow. Styrian, the clan of the Storm, surging through as a hurricane, making their mark upon the streets in chaotic beauty.

Mentmacrian followers were not as large a body as some, yet their path was clear, the abominations of nature should be purged, the undead and monsters created by the Rod of Destruction destroyed in Her name. The Rod was not to fall into the hands of others to be used, and for this purpose an alliance of clans was made, the Mentmacrians were welcomed in both Eternity and Mischief clans although they were yet to have their own, maybe one day a follower would come that would change that, but Dryanna was not destined to be the one.

Being of a neutral path had its rewards however, Dryanna was not one to see in black and white in the terms of good and evil, rather seeing those on an individual basis, something, which she had noticed was lacking in certain parts of Naerlan. Her best friend had told her of his past, the fact that people did not trust him because of his chosen path in life and heart, the fact that people sought him out purposefully to send him to the Abyss. Dryanna saw through all that, she saw a gnome with a huge heart, a person who had never done her harm, a person who had never once betrayed her when so many had before.

The world of Tharel was being rebuilt slowly, and so The Swanmay left the Forest of The Whispering Wind and headed to new pastures, to a place untouched by human, drow, elf, pixie and troll, a place unsullied by goblin, gnome or duergar, a place unbuilt by dwarf, titan, frost giant or fire giant, a place free of quicklings, orcs or halfling. A place where they would once more be safe to carry on the restoration of the forests, the preservation of the sacred Green Path.

Maybe one day Dryanna would return to Naerlan, to continue the path she had chosen, to help lead the temple into greatness, but for now, she hoped others would come, others to help restore the Green Path to Naerlan.

She looked back and smiled.
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