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Lands of M'dhavian

The history of these lands is shrouded in some mystery. Even the date of the great Schism that tore apart our world and remade it is a source of debate amongst us scholars, who are split between placing the Schism mere centuries ago or millennia ago. Regardless of when it happened, none in our lands have lived long enough to have witnessed the Schism firsthand. The elves in their cities are the longest lived among us, but they will not discuss the matter with any of our scholars. It is rumored, though, that they may indeed have a record of the times slightly before and during the Schism, and it has been whispered by those outcast from elven society that the other races are to blame for the Schism itself. Regardless of when exactly the Schism happened, destroying that way of life, we have some small rumors about what was beforehand. The one thing that most scholars can agree on is that before the Schism itself, there was only one race of intelligent, thinking beings. Most say these were humans, others say elves, but all agree that even those have been changed by the Schism's magic.

We are a new mud having only opening to the public just a couple of weeks past and will have player ran houses when the pbase is large enough to support it. The game has only 3800 playable rooms at the moment but we are building new areas all the time. We are looking for players, builders and coders to help us grow so stop by and check us out.

Homepage: Lands of M'dhavian
Forums: M'dhavian Forum ( 7500) - M'dhavian Forum ( 7500)
telnet: port 7500
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Re: Lands of M'dhavian

neat game.

schisms are cool.

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