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Seeking Creative Minds

Hi there. I am co-owner of a mud called Scions of Darkness and
go by the name Ashlyn on there. The MUD was originally opened up
years ago by a longtime friend of mine. He came to a point in his life
where he had to stop working on the mud due to lack of time in his
real life, so he handed the game over to me.

SoD is Smaug-based but highly modified by our staff members. Also,
the only stock area that remains is Limbo because it is tied into the code.
The other areas are all original. The MUD includes player housing, a few
different types of questing, legendary skills/spells/weapons, multiclassing,
random objects, mob invasions, an acronym game called Acro, deity worship
system as well as following temples, player lockers, tiered classes, marriage
code and more. Much more is planned to follow over the course of time.

Recently, we have decided that we want to try incorporating more of a Diablo
meets Vampire: the Masquerade type Atmosphere, and continue the friendly,
fun and everchanging atmosphere that was our vision to begin with. We are
currently looking for experienced builders with great imaginations and the
ability to bring their imaginations and visions to life. Building for Scions of
Darkness would all be done with an area builder, as there is no OLC in the
actual codebase. If you are seriously interested in building for us, please
contact me via e-mail at KindredScion @ or meet me in the game,
addy below. Your ideas and contributions would be very appreciated! Thank
you sincerely for your time.


Co-Implementor - Scions of Darkness port 6000
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Re: Seeking Creative Minds

Kind of off-topic but it's nice seeing another mud that uses I had been with them for years before I built my own server and Jim really knows his stuff.
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Re: Seeking Creative Minds

Moved to the correct section of the forum. Good luck with your search!
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Re: Seeking Creative Minds

Thanks for the move. Sorry about that!
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