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Looking for suggestions for a new game to play

I got hooked on AOD (Ages of Despair) years ago. I spent a lot of time developing my character in the woodland mage guild and had gotten to a point where I was having a lot of fun developing my character. AOD did away with woodland mages so I tried other guilds and didn't find any others that I enjoyed playing.

If any of you know of any other games similar to AOD that have a guild similar to the old woodland mage guild in AOD, then I'd appreciate your posting the name of that game here. I'd really like to start playing again.

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Smile Re: Looking for suggestions for a new game to play

Might be helpful for those of us unfamiliar with AoD if you gave us a rundown on exactly what the woodland mages guild actually did. ^^ Would you mind? I might be able to track something down for you, if you do.


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Re: Looking for suggestions for a new game to play

You can try NW, it is a roleplay mud with a Druids Guild that have mage like and other strange forestry abilities. Check out the website at
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Smile Re: Looking for suggestions for a new game to play

Well, I can only make guesses based on the name, given that we've got no further info from you, but for class variety, RetroMUD - It's not just a game anymore is probably you're top bet out of any MUD out there. So, guilds that relate to some concept of "woodland mages" . . .

Primary Guilds:

Druid Guild:
A versatile guild with a variety of attack spells, summons, protection and healing spells. Druids can do your basics like "call lightning" (electric attack spell) and "summon animal" (animal minion) "brew healing drink" (a healing spell), as well as things like "web of life" to share damage from one party member among the whole party, "triple death" to offensively perform a spell that ritually sacrifices the target, strangling, shocking, and burning them, dealing lots of damage and giving the druid a bonus to the next spell cast, "summon cromlechs" a spell that puts a sanctuary over the room, protecting from hostile monsters and healing the party. They also summon wild hunts, wicker colossuses, cast protection spells and a whole ton of stuff that's too complicated to list here.

Ranger guild:
Less magical, but still outdoor oriented, Rangers can also summon animals and have lots of nature skills. They specialize in weapon combat over spells, however, so probably don't match up on your "mage" half, though they've got the "woodland" part perfectly matched.

Mages guild:
The other half of your comment. Mages are the most specialized attack spell users in the game, dealing more damage per round than anyone else, albeit being a little frail. They get along well by hiding behind bulkier party members.

Alchemist guild:
Making potions, golems, enchanting weapons and armor, casting attack spells and firing thundersticks (magically/alchemically powered muskets), alchemists also have a variety of other spells for utility purpose, and like the druid and ranger guilds, the list of abilities is way too long to fit here.

Those are the most likely to fit under the prime guilds. We also have psionicists, templars, cultists, jomsvikings, Hands, fighters, sentinels, paladins, fallen, monks, abjurers, biomancers, bards, merchants. . .

Secondary guilds:

Plant magicians, whether attacking with plants, healing with plants, brewing poisons or herbal remedies, or aiding characters with plant-based races, like treants, myconoids, etc.

Animal magicians, basically doing a lot of the same stuff, but they have shapeshifting, more attack spells, and a lot of spells to support the animal races, like unicorns, arakun, werewolves, catfolk, flynd, etc.

Gypsies with a variety of spells to get them out of tricky situations. They live in a forested area on Perdow, planet of chaos and darkness.

Other secondary things you might want to look at include vodounists, witches, darkfey, raindancer, yamabushi, and so on. There are too many secondary guilds to even list here, and I won't start on the tertiary options.

If any of that looks like what you're missing, let me know. If not, tell me what you need. I've played a few different MUDs and I might remember something.

Good luck!

RetroMUD - It's not just a game anymore
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