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Needed: a mud to play

Hello folks!

I'm a school teacher, and I have 5 students I want to bring to a mud. For some background on what I'm doing, please look here:

What would you teach a group of 12 year old kids about text-based games? |

and here:

Teaching 12 year old kids |

It's a bit tricky, since they are all minors and I have to sort of keep them safe online. Anyone have a dev mud we could play on? We only meet once a week (Tuesdays) from 3:10 to about 4:30 EST.

I would be quite grateful if anyone would be willing to help me out.


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Re: Needed: a mud to play

Boris - Legends of Karinth is quiet at the moment. We've got eight years of development in place, a 100-level max in a high medieval setting, and impose a 'family-friendly' standard of conduct. Our rules are readily available on the website. We'd be honored to act as a teaching environment - and our guests will be completely safe, no matter what age they may be. I'd look forward to discussing this with you in-game.

Legends of Karinth :: Chaos Strikes port 2345

I can also accommodate quite a few of the listed activities, including area building and interview, and have an onboard chat system that makes group discussions easy and private. Legends of Karinth is based on ROM codebase.

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Re: Needed: a mud to play

Hi Boris,

LegendMUD might be up your alley. We currently have younger players online with us that range from 10 and up. And in the past have had a few classes log on and check out our historical areas. You can read our player code of conduct on our website or in game.

Legend is a family-friendly MUD based on the earth's own history and myths.

If you'd like more information about Legend feel free to check out our website(listed below), email me directly at, or catch one of our staff members in game.

Good luck in your search!
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Re: Needed: a mud to play

Star Wars: Galactic Conquest is actually in the later stages of development right now, and I have a spare shell on a completely different server that's sitting there doing nothing right now. I could set up a copy of the base on that server, which would make it relatively inaccessable by anyone who didn't know the port info -- So it'd be safe. It's a SWR-base MUD, which is a SMAUG derivative. It's got some pretty interesting features. I'd certainly be happy to help you out when you get around to the Sci-fi section of your class.

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Re: Needed: a mud to play

Well, you could always give Dragon's Exodus a shot. We are a relatively smaller game, with 10-20 players online (lower during the US night time). Its a multicultural game with people logging in from all parts of the world (thus, our staff is from the US, Asia, Europe and Australia). DE has been around for a decade and has over the years acquired a rather loyal playerbase that combines RPers and hack and slashers both. The age of players varies widely, with the youngest players probably as young as 9, and going on into the 60s (we try to stick to a PG 13 rating on all channels, in RP and certainly in the areas). I guess we have all the standard bells and whistles of most MUDs.

Now why would I recommend DE specifically? Well, one reason is that we are smaller than some of the MMPROGs out there. This has two implications, your people will receive individual attention from the players and from our mentors (dedicated group of people for helping new players). If there is anything needed specifically in view of the pedagogic function, we could see about that too. Secondly, and its easier to feel lost in a HUGE game with 100s of people and be simply disoriented in the midst of a lot of information and a gigantic world. A smaller game with a simpler interface (but with a lot of stuff still going on), would probably be easier for a new learner to cope with. I guess a lot of people may disagree with that, however, thats what I feel. Lastly, we have had visits from teachers who introduced DE as part of special ed classes in the past. Therefore, its not something we havent done before. I guess I am an educationist too (albeit not a teacher), and DE does try to be genuinely new player/children friendly.

I thought I should add that if you DO decide to give us a shot, it would help to get in touch with me/Enke/Aerick the other admins explaining about the circumstances and your requirements before you login so that we keep the mentors informed about 6 chars logging in with a slightly different set of requirements than the rank and file of the players seeking to rush to next level. If would also help to know your mud names to keep the characters saved in case the students head out for vacation etc (happened once before when a low lvl character of one of the special ed students got auto-pwiped when he/she went away for a few months; got the character back, but it took a while to find backup and its better to avoid frustration to begin with).

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Question Re: Needed: a mud to play

Personally, I'd recommend DiscworldMUD for this. The gameplay isn't really engaging, but the environment is loads of fun, and it seems to be decent and family-friendly, as far as I've seen. The only thing about it not meeting your specifications is that it can be pretty crowded sometimes. Most of the coded game seems to just be city terrain, so if you hang around the largest city, you'll be tripping over other players left and right, so not too much available in the way of isolating your class from other players.

-Kereth Midknight
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