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Star Wars: The Galactic Insights

This mud is pretty simple but yet allows you to play in a complete and unique area. The Immortal staff are pretty nice and pretty active. The roles you can be is about the same as any other swmud but this one allows you to carry cargo on your ships which makes it pretty interesting. They have the clones still so you can clone yourself, and they have cybernetic implants to make yourself a better and more unique player.

The roleplaying system is pretty awesome. So you don't need to emote every little thing. You can semote, which allows you to add your name to where ever you need too. They have a converting system to rppoints so you can cash in your rp points to where they need them at.

So all together this mud is pretty awesome and its a fully customized mud, you still have the basic classes like combat, piloting, engineering, smuggling, bounty hunter, Diplomacy, leadership and force powers. If you want force, all you have to do is either rp for it or apply for it.

Even tho this mud is fully working and has active players on, it still needs some imms to fill the vacant spots that some imms left without notice, Check this mud out. Apply for its Enforcer positions. All you need to do in this position is to look on its website at

They are also looking for a few builders too, building is easy and it can be fun too. Check this mud out tho, you won't be sad with it. its address is: or and the port is: 8060.

If you see a guy named Rik. Thats me. I'm a low level forcer but i'll try to help you as much as I can. I'm a primary Engineer. See ya there.
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