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Wink H. Builder & Other Positions Available

Berdusk is a pure-strain Forgotten Realms themed RoT 1.4 MUD. We offer a variety of features, including:

1) Glory Points (NPC Fame)
2) Bank Robbery & Wanted System (Self-Explanatory)
3) Wiztrack (Allows the mud to draw a path from A to B, even if B is moving)
4) Area-Based PK System (Some areas will have an effect on the rules of PK)
5) Districts (Govt. Warfare & Global Economy Systems)
6) Bloodlines (Intra-District pseudo-warfare, optional)
7) Morale System (That affects NPC reactions & combat)
8) Group Formations (Gladiator class ability)
9) Racial Templates & Prestige Classes
10) 12 Core Classes with 2 Tiers, at 101 levels each (6 more coming in 1 year)
11) 45 Core Races to choose from.

And all of it carefully balanced on the tip of a toothpick, with more to come. Yes, much of it is (or will be) optional, with the intent of keeping the game newbie-friendly in mind.

We recently lost our Head Builder to real life taking up all of her time (acting + kids + school), and are always in need of new builders. We could also use a new staff member to do web design and promote the mud with the aim of gathering testers and new builders on a regular basis. We could also always use an extra coder (with experience), but it's not an urgent need at this time. I could just use the help, as I'm still a bit new to it.

Any applicants for the position of Head Builder must have excellent grammar and be able to offer constructive criticism to other builders, while adhering to Berdusk's builder guidelines. You must be able to provide examples of previous work and be an experienced builder to apply for his position. You must be able to be active on the mud to build and assist others with their projects as needed. I am looking for five candidates for this position, among whom one will be selected and the other candidates will remain on staff as builders.

A knowledge of Flash & Javascript/CSS is desirable for candidates seeking to assist us in Web Development, but not 100% necessary.

On a more personal note, I understand that these are volunteer positions and your work and time is greatly appreciated. I'm not a hard-ass; we're actually pretty easy-going here. We just have a system that we've established as working for us, and we're trying to stick to that. If any of this interests you, please feel free to hit me up on the MUD or over IM/Email. Let's make a great game together!

MSN: (NOT an email address)
AIM/Yahoo: Seyrro
MUD: 2223
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