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Post Needed: Minions and Cohorts in Shadows of Isildur

I am one of many clan leaders at Shadows of Isildur and I have grand plans, but I need your help. I need minions to share my rise to power and fame, as well as victims to take advantage of. I don't mind other characters rising to power and challenging me. I thrive on the conflict between players, whether it is in combat, politics or between devious merchants.

I may be in the ancient and exotic city of Fahad'Jafari in the Haradwaith region, where black mane lions roam freely and silk is a common sight. Streets filled with the wealth of Middle-earth and Corsairs willing to buy and sell anything for the right price.

Or I may be in the grand capital of Gondor, the White City of Minas Tirith with it's seven levels. Join me as I try to take control of the Annon Borough, a completely player run section of the city. Perhaps I am on the council and I am seeking total political control or maybe I run one of four Merchant houses, vying for economic dominance and great wealth. Perhaps I am one of the Fellowship Masters looking for workers to help me fill contracts from across Gondor. I could be a villain looking to expand my lands to become the largest farm, shipping my crops to all of Gondor and getting very rich at the same time or I am in charge of a military organization entrusted with protecting the citizens of Gondor, and defending the kingdom of Gondor from attacks by the sinister eastern forces.

Maybe I see opportunities in a small mining town called Halburg, outside of a place called Moria. There is no telling what we may find as we push the mine tunnels deeper, and there is no limit to how famous we could become as the largest supplier of iron or of something else even more valuable. There is also the chance that I am plotting from inside the mines themselves, and I am not yet known to those fools who delve outside my caverns and stone halls.

Shadows of Isildur offers some fantastic opportunities for role players to really become immersed in Middle Earth. You may even forget it is a game and think you really are in Tolkien's world.

Shadows of Isildur runs on very highly modified DIKU code, with an emphais on code to support Role Play. SOI has no leveles or classes and your character's advancment is dependant on your skills. You can even learn new skills in a realistic manner. SOI offers original 19,000 rooms to explore and live in, 3100 crafts, and over 100 skills, so you can create nearly any character you have dreamed of. For those new to SOI, there are 3 separate humans strains and three different starting points. In time you may gain the experience to choose from other humans, half-orcs, hobbits, dwarves, and elves. With over 1000 pages and growing daily, the SOI wiki is a valuable resources, and with over 800 help files available in-game or via the website, an active forum, as well as helpful guides and an very active staff, you are never far from aid to help you live a life of adventure in the Shadows of Isildur.

So come Join Me, and together we will write the History of Middle Earth.
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