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Recruiting some good builders!

With the recruiting of Idrial, our new Head Builder, we are looking to assemble a team of dedicated builders.

Wake is a heavily modified ROM mud with a large variety of unique features, but we are in need of people to help expand the world. Builders will be working with Idrial to develop cities and levelling zones, as well as quest and rp oriented areas.

Proper english and grammar skills, or at least the ability to use a spell and grammar checker are a must.
Also we are nocturnal, but we are on most of the time on weekends, if you want to find us directly.
If you miss us and want to work, or just want to contact us, drop a note on the in-game boards at : 2177, post on our forums at, or send Idrial an email at

Wake has such features as class advancement, skill trees, skill levels, non turn based combat, and a modified magic system. Class advancement means every player starts as a Tenderfoot, and at levels 10, 25 and 50, they change jobs, each change narrowing their class to a final specific class, inheriting skills they learned along the way. An example being Tenderfoot -> Mystic -> Mage -> Wizard, all of which is instrumental in the skill trees and levels. Each class has its own set of skills, each of which can be levelled up to five times with skill points. This can unlock skills in the current and future classes, and is spread out in a way that it is possible to learn every skill in all four of the player's classes, but they would only be mediocre at them all, or they could focus on a single group for mastery. Combat has been changed in that there are no rounds or turns as in classic ROM, but instead, the normal hits occur independently, your own attackspeed based on factors such as weapon size and armor weight. This, coupled with the bonuses to heavy armor, allows players to choose to either be fast, hitting every few seconds, but suffering from weak defenses, or to go pure armor, gaining damage reduction and ac dodges while having more than ten seconds between each of their regular hits. This allows for more benefits to the smart use of skills, such as timing bashes to land right before your own set of attacks, rather than spamming. Magic casting has also been changed to incorporate cast times, rather than post-cast lag, as well as skills and spells that increase and decrease this time. This means that it's not enough to just spam spells, and classes like Antimage have a chance to interrupt their opponent's spells.
The setting is a medieval fantasy world, in the land of Elantar. The quolin, an aquatic race, discovered and harnessed magic. With a naive sense of duty, they set out to civilize the other sentient races. After their failure with the Ogres, which led to a war and the ogre's retreat into the forests, the quolin took aggressive measures and enslaved the Daurin for fear of another fight. They then came across the humans, who, while savage, displayed an aptitude for learning, a more friendly demeanor than the other two, and substantially larger numbers, forcing the quolin to ally themselves with the humans, rather than attempting to "tame" them. The two races flourished together, but the adventurous humans pushed too far north, stepping into Algid territory. The cold blooded algid pushed back with superior strength and training, but a meteor strike in the war zone forced their retreat and bought the humans, led by King Eson, time to mount a counter-assault, managing to push the algid back into their icy mountains. After the war, the Daurin took the opportunity to rise against their battle-weakened masters and fought their way to freedom, leading them on a long exodus that eventually brought them to the desert they now call home.

Any further questions can also be posted as replies here.


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Re: Recruiting some good builders!

Some more information about your unique features, setting, and theme would be great.
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