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Brody will become famous soon enoughBrody will become famous soon enough
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OtherSpace: The Super Bowl Commercial

In a universe where reality itself is unraveling...

* A black hole swallows a spaceport lobby
* Bright blue energy rifts tear open in the middle of a busy urban landscape
* Angry Cossacks gallop through one of these rifts on horseback, only to find themselves adrift in deep space

Sometimes you must choose...

* Starships gather around a dusty gray planetoid
* People on a windswept plain bid farewell to friends who vanish in flashes of cerulean light

Stand and fight to repair what went wrong...

* Several glowing-eyed figures float in space, focusing their will on a great space vessel before them
* A silver-haired, olive-skinned man is pounced by a claw-thrashing reptiloid
* A woman with glowing eyes, adrift in orbit of the dusty gray planetoid, shouts in despair as she's trapped, powerless, inside a bubble

Or seek refuge in another place. Another time...

* A massive vessel built inside a rocky planetoid is cocooned in blue light and vanishes
* A starship faces off against a warship that zooms out of an energy rift
* A roaming stellar casino materializes in the midst of a broad asteroid field
* A sentient space station floats alone through the dark silence of Hiverspace

But sometimes you find that no sanctuary is truly safe...

* Brutal pirate vessels swarm the casino in the asteroid field, blasting it with lethal energy weapons
* Furred bipeds leap at what appears to be a sword-wielding knight in armor
* A man who bears a striking resemblance to a giant talking bunny gets swallowed by a couch
* People look around at each other and start glowing
* Alarm klaxons wail
* Someone screams
* The casino explodes

Fade to black

Fade in:

A classic online space opera gets a fresh start 1790

Or play via web browser at Client | MudGamers
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