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Forsaken Dreams Looking for Building Staff

Most people who start building a mud, have played a really good game in their past. With time, that game either has died or faded and so they accept the extremely heavy task of building their own world. This is how Forsaken Dreams was born.

Forsaken Dreams is a modified ROM/Diku mud seeking builders, creative writers, and proof readers to work with a small loyal team. Coders are also welcome. We understand and respect that staff of all types are valuable and rare. The work put into a mud takes a lot of time and dedication before the game is actually played. This makes long term projects difficult, as we live in our instant gratification world. It also makes being part of a long term project rewarding and fun when that day comes when those first players log on.

You may ask yourself, “Why should I put time into a mud that is in the development stage? So many muds fail and I don’t want my work wasted.” Our reply to these statements is very simple. Forsaken Dreams isn’t going away. We have spent much time toward attention to detail. Forsaken’s 80 completed areas are custom written. Our code is highly modified yet it continues to allow Forsaken to feel like home. Our history is based on medieval times and our lands allow for builders to be creative on the areas they add to enhance the game.

Forsaken will be a role-play enforced, fantasy mud so by working in the development stages a builder has the chance to shape the entire game with their ideas. When we open for players, those players will take the history we have developed and shape the future into their own world.

Stop looking if you’re still searching for that perfect game. Forsaken Dreams offers you a change to create it. If interested, I can be contacted by email at or AIM Kylara64. Or leave Moreta or MacGregor a personal note at: 2333

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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Re: Forsaken Dreams Looking for Building Staff


I absolutely love building for Forsaken Dreams. I've been a builder for several years and we have a great customized OLC, a flexible and stable prog system, tons in the way of tools, all original areas, a phenomenally phenomenal coder, and rock-solid-you-can't-crash-this-mud stability. But all of that fades in the face of our two great, caring implementors who will totally go out of their way to make sure you have whatever it is that you need to finish your dream area.

Talking amazing!

Come check us out!

P.S. Sorry my description is more than four lines; what can we say, we're flexible!

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