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Eternal Empire MUSH

Xylara, a new outpost for the Eternal Empire, seeks immigrants. The Emperor is extending personal invitations to members of the realm to join his Great Project colonizing the unexplored and untapped lands around the city. Warriors, wizards, clerics, nobles, serfs, slaves, and shopkeeps are invited to approach their local Empire representives for relocation. All citizens of the faith regardless of race -- be they human, elf, dwarf, warforged, bugbear, githyanki, or drow -- are acceptable homesteaders. Opportunities are open for all citizens of the realm willing to earn a position regardless of their past, up to and including the ruling Dukedom of Xylara itself and all associated Royal Favors.

The Eternal Empire is an original setting fantasy MUSH using 4th Edition DnD rules. We are a roleplay focused MU rather than one where players camp out in OOC waiting for a combat scene to be run. We also hope for players to be cooperative and contribute back to the game be it via their RP, writing scenes for others, PrPs, descing, building, etc. Visit telnet:// ( 6800) or
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