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New Buffyverse MUSH Looking for Players!

City of Angels is a new Buffyverse MUSH set in mid-Season 5 of "Angel." We're still building the game, and we're looking for people to come play Feature Characters. Most of the canon characters from "Angel" and "Buffy" are still open, including Angel himself. Our policy is to give the players of these FCs creative control over their characters... so if you've ever wanted to direct the character growth of Angel, Gunn, Buffy, Willow, or any of the other Buffyverse characters... this is your chance!

Our story will focus on what might have happened had a key event in Season 5 gone differently. However, we need players for the "core" characters in order to know exactly what our opening situation will be! We need folks to come and join up with us to help tell the stories of the people of Los Angeles.

We're also open to Original Characters. Want to play a Slayer? A demon? A vampire? We'll have applications open for all those things. Don't know anything about "Buffy" or "Angel?" That's fine! You don't need to. Just come play a normal person, or maybe someone who's just discovering a supernatural heritage, in Los Angeles, and learn the setting as you go. We're striving to be fun for every player, from someone who just likes urban fantasy and has never seen the shows, to the most die-hard Whedon fanatics in existence.

City of Angels allows for any player to run scenes without staff approval, and more complex plots with staff help. We'll also have staff-run plots, a grid that gives the "feel" of Los Angeles without being too large, and rules for arbitrating conflict both with and without dice.

Come check us out at 8000, and help us fill in the details of our story. Get in on the ground floor of a new and exciting game!
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Re: New Buffyverse MUSH Looking for Players!

Something you might consider is that there is already a MUSH named "Angel City MUSH" (which after logging into both, I can tell is a different game). The name similarity may be confusing over time.
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