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Interesting, fun RP Enforced MUD

Hey everybody!

I've found this MUD called Aalynor's Nexus, and I wanted to tell you about it! It is an RP enforced MUD with a small, but very friendly and fun player base. The first ten minutes of joining the MUD, I was greeted with roleplay and eager to help people. It is a level based MUD with 25 different "tiers". Each tier is like a level and they progressively get harder to obtain as you go along (naturally that's true for any MUD usually). There are 9 classes, all balanced and most of them get a specific talent specific to that class. There are 15 different races with their own drawbacks/advantages. One specifically unique to the realm, the Renis. The races aren't just "stats" they are a foundation for the roleplay along with other things in the realm such as the deep history and full RP environment. There is an RP reward system with awards to those for good roleplay.

The combat is unique to the realm, as I've never seen this system in any other MUD. You and the creatures can "move" within the room in five diferent "zones". Front, near front, center, near back and back. The creatures first hit your stamina which allows you to do all things, and then when that is at zero, they will go for your health. So it is important to have a strategy! And to be prepared or grouped with a cleric or healing class.

I've just joined this MUD not too long ago and I am already hooked. The combat in itself is addictive, even if there aren't many people around all the time to RP with, the world will be fun to explore and learn, and I encourage every one to try it out, because the mroe people who do, the more you can RP with! Over all I think this is the best MUD I've found since the one I used to play in July of 2007, and I've searched all this time to find it!!!!

Give it a shot!

Here's the wiki for more information Aalynor's Nexus home

Hope to see you there, my names are Ravia and Katia

Aalynor's Nexus
Port 2000
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Re: Interesting, fun RP Enforced MUD


I'm Eureka, a gamemaster for the above mentioned MUD, aalynor's nexus. I was happy to see such praise for our little home from a newcomer.

Aalynor's nexus was originally constructed from the mordor code, albeit heavily modified to such an extent it could hardly be called that now. It has several thousand rooms, including a complete city and island for newcomers- many places that have hidden exits that you have to search for and even more fun- puzzles which upon solved, can lead you to secret areas or hidden tunnels.

The game once upon a time used to have a good 30+ players online at any given time. Due to a hack incident the game crashed, and a great deal of time was spent bringing it back online. In that time several of our veteran players moved on in life, graduating college or persueing time demanding careers which do not afford them the time to play nexus anymore.

The environment and support are there, but the will of newcomers without proper direction often fades into nothingness- pushing them to leave before they get to see all the other cities, temples, religions, clans, guilds, caves and forests that the world has to offer. In that spirit, we have made some modifications to help keep the younger, new playerbase alive. Our island for newcomers is called Falcion. At the center of Falcion is a fountain which will cure poison if it is inflicted on you. Also, prior to tier 5 there are no experience penalties to death. The best place to learn the mechanics of the game would be in the very first room of the sewer of Falcion. You will know you are in the correct place because you will see a bloody note on the floor.

If you have a friend that you play muds with- you will get the full experience in learning and understanding this MUD if you play it together- or with a few friends even. Should there be an interest or spike in our lower tier playerbase, I would be more than willing to make sure that quests are run for new players to give much needed items or rewards that may be very difficult without a more experienced playerbase.

The game is played 100% in character, with a lounge for out of character conversations accessed by utilizing the 'OOC' command. There is also an in depth religion with several gods and goddesses that represent different things, like Paelina, the goddess of Duty, Valour and Honor- or Dilanis, goddess of Love and Peace. Exploring the depths of the religion only opens a whole new dimension of the game.

There is a wiki for this MUD if you wish to learn more about it, Aalynor's Nexus - home

Also, there is a forum for community discussion,
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