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AN original DBZ mud, making it's return

The Dragonball is an exciting, very unique Dragon Ball Z mud, that has been in development for about 7 years. This mud strives to be different from the rest, to really submerge the player in the Dragon ball Z universe, and give them an experience they deserve .

The Dragonball contains many unique features, which set it apart from the rest of the DBZ muds. One of which is a room coordinate system which allows for actual objects and mobs to be placed for the player to move around in the room to interact with. Another is the skill system which is well thought out and uniquely developed, with each skill having its own level, and features an unique skill evolution system to learn new skills by leveling the older ones, as well as many skills around the Dragonball world to be learned. On top of that we have devised a unique system that separates powerlevel from xp, which inturn is mixed with a very balanced, intelligent battle system.

The Dragonball is of a moderate size, over 7,500 rooms, with more added each day. But it is the quality not the quantity of these areas, which makes the mud stand out
There are 9 races available right now. Those are
-- Human
-- Saiyan
-- Halfbreed
-- Icer
-- Demon
-- Namek
-- Mutant
-- Android
-- Bio-Android
Once again though, we are not your normal run of the mill DBZ mud. You canít become the strongest or reach the maximum level in a couple of days. Infact there is no limit in The Dragonball. We know that isnít for everybody, and if you do have a problem with that, please donít bother to join up because thatís not what we are about, and Iím sure you can find another saga clone to go play.

If you are looking for something where you have to make an effort to be someone and not just have things handed to you, come in and enjoy a unique Dragon Ball Z experience within The Dragonball. Where a newbie friendly environment and many friends and enemies await to be made and conquered as you work your way to the universes most strongest


Mud Address:
Port: 1901

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