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10 Years Old MUD seeks coders, builders: Dragon's Exodus

Dragon's Exodus has continuously run for 10 years and has a dedicated playerbase (some of them second generation) that has been with us for years forming a tight-knit community. We have 150 odd areas (only 4-5 of them stock) and extensive documentation with over 1000 helpfiles. Some of the other features include

* 14 classes (with option to double-class ) and 18 Races
* Sound, reasonably mature and stable, loyal playerbase
* Automated quests and plenty of area quests
* Clans acting as hub of player interaction
* Player-Owned Houses
* Newbie Friendly, Extensive help files and a Mentor Program for new players
* RP Encouraged. Plenty of evolving RP with a RP Guild to coordinate mudwide RP
* Optional PK System

While we have traditionally hired within our players, this this time the staff has been hit with a lot of RL stuff happened at once- promotions at work, transfers, divorces, returning to the University and other stuff. As a result, we have found ourselves understaffed all of a sudden and are looking to widen the horizons outside our playerbase. In any case, in these times of declining player numbers in all MUDs, no MUD is an island. Unlike a lot of startup games, however, the work of an applicant would contribute to an established project that is going to last and would be appreciated by stable and loyal players.

DE is an EOSII MUD (an Envy Diku derivative) and tries to combine hack and slash and RP. It would help your application if you have an interest and ability in running games, setting up quests and doing PR stuff along with building (but this is not essential).

We do not have a problem teaching new players for the Staff positions. We do require that you level to at least 35 (of 250 levels), so you have a feel for the game, and we have a feel for you as a person. We feel that if someone doesn't take the time to get to know the game then they might as well go to a beta mud. If picked, you would need to respond to the needs of the players, so it would help you to know first hand what they are. Lastly, we are seeking serious applicants who are adults (we generally dont accept staff members under 18 yrs) and are going to actually spend time with us and get stuff done.

Our website is Dragon's Exodus (connect: 1234). If you decide to apply, please read the ingame documentation HELP IMMORTAL APPLICATION. Send the applications to Enke (our coder/ owner) and me at and respectively. Looking forward to seeing you in game!
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