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Looking for a MUD!

Hi. I've mudded for about 5 years, and my home MUD was a heavily modified CircleMUD base. This is what I prefer/don't prefer:

I DON'T enjoy having a million classes to choose from. Different builds/paths/whatever you call them is nice, but I don't want to be faced with 16 different choices when creating a character.

Races are optional. I don't mind either way.

PK MUST be part of the mud, but optional.

RP CANNOT be enforced. If it's allowed, fine. But I don't want to be forced to RP.

Pbase of AT LEAST 30. The MUD I come from gradually lost its players over the past year and now has a pbase of 5. I need a lively MUD.

Preferably friendly players. I am used to dealing with jerks; every mud has them. But I'd enjoy some friendly people.

FAIR staff. On my home mud, there was once a cheating fiasco where over half the MUD population had loaded gear just because they were friends with the Immortals. I don't want to have to worry if I'm dying to a player because I suck, or if because they cheat.

If you have an overhead map, then I'll definitely check out your MUD. If not, then it's whatever. I can deal with that.

Multiclassing would be very nice (or remorting/tiers, whatever y'all call it), because I feel it adds a variety. Not required.

I DON'T want an endless classless/endless levelling system; I want there to be like a max level.

EQ Runs are DEFINITELY a must. By eq runs, I don't mean where you portal to a mob and kill it in two rounds. I mean like runs where players must band together (or in some cases, can solo) and do a series of things to get to the boss mobs and get the loot. If your MUD has these, I'll defintely stop by.

An EQ system. I assume that most MUDs have this, but I like it where you have to fight mobs to level and you can wear EQ at certain levels or whatever your system is, as long as there is EQ.

A balanced system, obviously.

I guess I shan't put any more restrictions, lest my criteria become too intimidating. If you could post responses to my criteria above as to why you think I'd enjoy your MUD, then I'll be more likely to check it out. Thanks a lot.
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Old 06-04-2009, 06:10 PM   #2
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Re: Looking for a MUD!

I recommend trying out Realms of Despair: 4000
  • 13 classes, 1 of which is PK only, the others are PK optional.
  • RP is allowed, not enforced.
  • Playerbase is always in the triple digits.
  • Been a while since I played, but I found the players and staff to be pretty friendly and fair.
  • No overhead map. No multiclassing/remorting.
  • Maximum level is 50, and doesn't take long to reach.
  • There are eq runs that are difficult, even for groups.
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Old 06-05-2009, 02:06 AM   #3
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Re: Looking for a MUD!

You may consider Dragon's Exodus.
  • The character creation process is simple with instantly recognizable classes.
  • PK is optional, but exists and a lot of people are PK.
  • RP is encouraged, not enforced.
  • Players are friendly.
  • Staff is fair. I can guarantee you that. Every time staff members have overstepped the line, they have been fired immediately.
  • ]There is an overhead map.
  • Multiclass system. You can double class from the start.
  • Classes go on till lvl 250. There is a cap on level.
  • There are quests in the game to obtain equipment.
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Re: Looking for a MUD!

I would say try any of the Iron Realms games. Most are listed in the top 20. They are all somewhat different, so one of them should suit your fancy.
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