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LegendMUD Exploration - Romania

I continue my explorations of the world of Legend, choosing to explore the
Medieval Era further. I find myself pulled back to a small place I have
previously visited, Romania, to uncover the secrets that the castle I
noticed earlier must hold.

I walk along the shadowy path, passing the gate guards and keeping my eyes
cast downwards so as not to attract attention. After wandering the passages,
I arrive at...

(Taken directly from game)

The General's Quarters
The room you find yourself in is only a little less bare than the
soldier's barracks elsewhere in the castle. Besides a comforter on the
well made bed, there is a chest at its foot and another on the far wall.
Next to the second one is a small desk with an inkwell and a small stack
of papers. At the entrance is a sconce with a candle fluttering in the
slight draft and another over the desk. You find that this neat bare room
is worthy of a general who demands discipline from his troops.
[Exits: s]
A candle burns in its sconce.
A plain wood desk sets against the wall.
A simple well-made bed takes up much of this room.
A quiet man dressed in full uniform filled with ribbons rests here.

You ask the Romanian general, 'enlist'.

The Romanian general says to you, 'We have need for a number of good troops.'

The Romanian general says to you, 'Are you interested in enlisting?'


I can fight along side the Romanian troops? What rank might I ascend to? Is
there pay? Are there perks?

LegendMUD is into it's 15th year. A rich land full of adventure awaits your

Come visit us and see if -you- have what it takes, to solve some of the mysteries.
We can be found at:

LegendMUD Official Website
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